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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

please take a moment...

I don't know what it is, but I just cannot muster the energy or the thoughts to come up with a fashion post this week. At least not this soon. My heart is still with Oklahoma. Even as I write this, tears have begun streaming down my face. This awful awful tragedy has really disturbed me. I know that there have been others, and I know that they have been just as tragic, but this just feels close. Close and so scary. The news is so discouraging, and recently I just haven't been able to get my thoughts straight in my head. The Boston Marathon, that awful man in Cleveland, and now the tragic events of the hurricane. I guess in the first two instances I lost a little faith in humanity. In all honesty, I am a pretty positive person, some may even call me naive as I tend to find the best in all people and just dismiss the fact that they could even have a bad bone in their body. I am usually the first to give people the benefit of the doubt and quick to forgive, but those first two instances just rocked me to my core. I can't believe that someone would intentionally do those things, and in the second case do it over and over for years. My heart is just sad. I am overwhelmed with these feelings of sadness.

And then yesterday happened, and a tragic event shook our country once more. This was a natural disaster, something that no one could have prevented, no one could have planned for completely. There is no one to blame. And it too is sad. I am sad for the losses of children, children who thought they would be going home that day, parents who told their children goodbye that morning, just to never have that chance again. I am sad for those that lost their homes, all of their belongings, things that many hardworking people worked everyday for to be sure they were able to provide for their families. My prayers are with the teachers of the schools, the owners of the businesses, and the officials of the towns. My prayers are with the parents, children who lost their friends, and people who lost their beloved pets.

It has been hard to gather my thoughts about this situation and the others, but I do know one thing, this will bring us closer. This will cause us all to think twice when we say goodbye, to hug a little tighter, a little longer. To never regret one moment we get with the ones we love. To say I love you, to say it often, to say it as soon as it hits you and to never take it back.

If you are still reading, thank you. Thank you for allowing this to be my space to spill my heart out for a moment, and please please take a moment to say a prayer for all the people in Oklahoma and surrounding areas affected by the tornado's this week.


Please remember I am donating 100% of the proceeds from any item in my shop purchased through the end of May to a disaster relief fund. 

Hello Apparel is also donating all proceeds from the sale of this shirt to disaster relief. I just ordered mine.

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Annie said...

That is SO generous of you Montana. And there has definitely been so much tragedy lately...sucks :(

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