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Thursday, September 26, 2013


It has been awhile since I did a currently post, but figured there is no time like the present. What better way to catch up with my blog life than to share a jumble of things going on right now. 

...skipping yoga and having a beer on the back porch while writing this. Sometimes it's nice to take a little break and forgetting workout clothes at home this morning made just that exact thing happen. 
...getting used to my brand new haircut, let's just say sometimes you just need to trim off a few inches (or six). Outfit/style post coming soon. 
...loving Spotify, and Garth Brooks has been on repeat today. Not sure why but its been nice to hear some older country. Speaking of, country music is extremely disappointing. I might get quite a few unfollowers for this one, but Taylor Swift has got to go. Along with all the other poppie wannabes. I liked country when country wasn't cool. What happened?
...thanking God for unanswered prayers (thanks Garth). Let's just say it's amazing the moments you go through in life and think that this is it. The good Lord has much bigger and better plans for you, and I am so thankful to have been blessed in those moments. 
...excited for a date night with A. Moments with him seem to be getting better and better. I just am so thankful to call him mine. 
... looking forward to a weekend staying put. Don't get me wrong, I am a goer. But this weekend I am exciting about staying right here. Enjoying the beautiful weather and having a few drinks on the porch while cheering on the Dawgs. 
... missing my sweet family. Pretty fall days make me miss them so much. I know afternoons like this would be spent working, laughing, and just enjoying each other. Growing up is hard.

So there is a little currently for you... I am gonna go enjoy my beer. Blessed to be able to share with you all. ooo, Montana

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

fall is upon us.


Don't you just love the way that sounds? Life starts over? I will be honest, fall isn't my favorite season, sure I love the cooler weather, but that only means that winter is coming and winter is not my favorite at all. I like to be warm, always. But I have decided to embrace the fall weather heading our way and this quote just says it all. A new season this year, a new season in life. 
Last night I realized that I was lacking the sense of adventure this year, that I might have had in years past. I have had a pretty great year don't get me wrong, but I want to do something that scares me. I want to inspire others and inspire myself to be better each day. I used to keep a "bucket list" of the things I wanted to do, and maybe that was what pushed me, but in the everyday hustle and bustle I have found it harder and harder to be led towards my dreams. I have decided to post that list here. Maybe going back to it will help me find my passion in life. I think it is so easy to get into the mind set that this is it. I don't ever want that mindset, I want to be pushed in life, I want to figure out my dreams and follow them, I want to inspire others to follow theirs.
 Own my own actual shop/business.
 Go Skydiving
 Go on a trip with my grandparents
Ride a bull
volunteer at a food bank during the holidays
Teach someone something I am good at
Dance in the rain with someone I love
Go to a Braves game
Live in a big city
Live at the beach
Buy a moped/vespa
Pay off my student debt early
Take a sister trip
Schedule one weekend a year with my girlfriends and keep it for at least 10 years straight.
Go to all 3 races of the Triple Crown
Cook an entire meal with things grown in my own garden.
Find a job that I love
Go to the airport and buy a ticket to the first place I think of
Travel somewhere by train
Live in a tiny town
Ride horses in Montana
Take a trip out West
Own a home
Own a horse and show again
go to California
be on television
go to GA/FL Football game
read the entire Bible
go on a cruise

This list is by no means complete, but ever-changing, ever evolving. As for right now, I am about to get my day started. Blessed to hear the rain on the roof as I type this. Blessed to be in this spacing sharing my thoughts with you all. ooo, Montana

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I want to...

I want to create, I want to inspire, I want to live.
I want to be me, figure me out while being the best possible person I can.

It seems to be that my best words come at the weirdest times, last night when in the shower, I thought of the above. I just want to be me, to figure out my passions one day at a time. To understand where my heart lies and which direction the Lord is pointing me in. I want to live each day to its fullest, to make myself more aware of the pain and suffering around me and to do my best to bring a little joy to those that are going through those trials. My heart has been in a funny place lately, one where it seems content and happy with certain areas of my life, but lacks fulfillment in others. I have made it my goal to give more, smile more, and love more. To know that others out there have the same issues
I do, and that I have got it pretty darn good. I am blessed beyond measure. I know that. 
ooo, Montana

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