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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween!!
Cannot wait to share our costumes with yall!!
More to come after tonight!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Just a little weekend in pictures for ya.

Friday night was spent with all things FALL. These things included pumpkin wheat beer, pumpkin carvings, and candy apples. We even had chili dogs for dinner. That giant pot of Crockpot Chili sure lasted the whole week. (look out for the recipe tomorrow)
Saturday morning, like all mornings I had to work, but was treated to a yummy brisket sandwich by a co-worker. The afternoon was spent resting and catching up with some sewing projects. I finally finished a Christmas order. That night we went to the Liberty Truck and Tractor pull, where I assisted Andy in selling t-shirts(only one). I also got to meet a pet pot-bellied pig on a leash named SaraBeth. She was hilarious and her owner even more so.


Sunday had no pictures, but after Sunday school we went with a bunch of friends for a late Birthday celebration for Andy. The boys rode go-carts all afternoon, while the girls played arcade games. I also spent almost an entire day without my phone because I left it at Andy's. I have to say, it was pretty nice. I hate that we all get so wrapped up in technology sometimes and it just makes perfect sense to take a day away from it.

What did you do this weekend? 

Is everyone ok from Sandy?? Thoughts and prayers with everyone in her path.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

I am looking at you!!

Yes! I am looking at you!!
And yes I look ridiculous while doing so...
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just realized this is my 100TH POST!! and i look like a crazy person in it.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Some days the words are hard to find. Other days they flow freely. Today is the later. 
I have been racking my brain about my place in this world, what is my purpose? What kind of job would I love to have? When do things start to add up, and when do I figure it all out? I used to worry endlessly about these things. About trying to figure out what was going to become of my life and who did I really and truly want to be. Truth is, I feel as if I am doing a much better job reining it all in. Learning that good things are happening, just in their own time.

I am consistently reminded that I am on the right path, although it may be a long one, with bumps and pot- holes and even a few broken bridges to cross, but it is MINE. 

I started this blog to help me get my thoughts out of my head, to show me how truly blessed I am, and to eventually figure out my purpose in this life. I never planned on the things that have happened, the great friends I have met, the increased business for my Etsy shop, and the lessons I have learned from reading the stories of others.

Life has had a way of showing me lately that living each and everyday to its fullest is the best way to succeed.  Doing what makes you happy as a person is the best way to be a great influence to those around you. People love happy. People respond to happy. And in order to be happy you must surround yourself and immerse yourself in the things that cause that happiness. Whether it be your job, your relationships, or your hobbies, choose what makes you happy. DO HAPPY.

Source: designspiration.net via Michal on Pinterest

This life is all MINE. I am working to make the most of it everyday, and to inspire others to do the same. We only get one shot in this crazy world. Better make it the best we can.


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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

CrockPot Wednesdays- Lasagna!!

I am super excited to have the oh so lovely Amanda joining me today for Crockpot Wednesday's!
I tried this recipe last week and it was so YUMMY!!

Hey SaraMontana Says Readers!! I'm Amanda & I blog over @ tales from a FAR, where I mainly talk about myself


My hubby RB

and our little guy FARHe's our 16 month old who is already fixing his own meals...

Doing his own laundry...
& he's even DRIVING! 
Ok ok I kid. He's not doing any of that. But he is a walking talking crazy kiddo who we adore with our whole heart. But i'm not here to talk about us, I'm here to talk about food, which is one of my favorite things. 

When I know i'm going to be busy all day and I want something yummy to eat for dinner I throw together a Crock Pot Lasagna . It's super simple! 
(Source - I forgot to take a picture last time I made it!)

Here's the recipe: 

1lb Ground Turkey/Beef/Pork (Whichever you prefer)
1 tsp. Italian seasoning 

1 jar Spaghetti sauce 
1/3 cup water 
UNCOOKED lasagna noodles 
1 cartion ricotta cheese
2 cups shredded mozzerella cheese 

Brown meat and seasoning, drain
Mix spaghetti sauce and water. (Water cooks the noodles in crock pot) 
Layer like you would a regular lasagna in a GREASED crock pot ( I always put a little sauce on bottom and then do noodles sauce meat cheese) 
Cover, cook on high for 1 hour 
Reduce heat to low and cook on low for 4-5 hours.

I promise - you will love it! 

PS- Big thanks to Montana for having my over to guest post. Want to know one thing I love about her? She lives maybe 1/2 an hour from me down the road. But we have yet to meet. We should fix that don't ya think :) 

Isn't she wonderful? And let me tell y'all  that recipe is AMAZING! Plus, with just Andy and I eating, we had leftovers for days! Am I the only one that thinks leftover spaghetti and lasagna are even better the second time??
Have a great crockpot recipe you would like to share??
Email me at saramontanasays@gmail.com about guest posting!!
I would love to have you!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

worth a thousand words.

i have new friends!!!!

Hey Y'all! I am so excited to introduce some lovely ladies to you today, I have been so blessed by the blog community since I started not too long ago. Each one of these ladies has helped me in many different ways.
You should check out each and every one of them!!

Because Shanna Says So...
Howdy! My name is Shanna. It rhymes with banana. On my blog you will find 60% personal style and 40% my random life. You probably won't see many recipes or DIY crafts because I suck at them. I am married and have two crazy kids. We live in a little place called Texas. I am a Mexican food addict and have serious shopping problems. You can find me wandering Forever 21, Target and Old Navy on a weekly basis. Come by and say hi or howdy! 

Oh So Nifty
blog// facebook// twitter//pinterest// instagram
Hi there! I'm Ameryn and I blog over at OH SO NIFTY. I am currently leading the life of a house wife after leaving my interior design job and moving 6 hours from 'home'. Right now I am trying to figure out what to do with this fresh start! Become a beach bum? Make some babies? Start a new business?... we'll see what happens! You should come by and follow along on my adventure, it'll be fun. Oh, and did I mention I post cute pictures of my fur-babies? 

Kathryn Laine
Hi there! I'm Katie and I blog over at Kathryn Laine (http://kathrynlaine.blogspot.com). Kathryn Laine is my lil' daily style blog, where I explore creative ways to remix my current closet and wear new trends. I'm just an average-sized girl, shopping at average people stores, trying to make exceptional wardrobe choices! I'd love for you to come along for the ride!

Life's A Dance 
Blog// Instagram // Twitter // Facebook
 Hey loves! I'm Stormy from Life's A Dance!
I'm a twenty something Wisco girl born & bred. 
I'm also a newlywed, a nurse, a blogger, and momma to two sassy furbabies. I love country music, cappuccino,margaritas, sunshine, diy, crafting, family and my husband :) 

A Little Bit of Life
blog// shop // twitter
Hi, I'm Lindsay! A 30 year old (there I said it) wine loving, boots wearing, concert going, wife to Jeremy, mom to four fur babies girl. I blog at A Little Bit of Life. Which is just that, a little bit of my life. I blog a little about everything; friends, family, recipes, fashion, daily life, etc. Come stop by and say hi! I love making new friends!

Girls Gone Food

blog// pinterest// twitter
My name is Lauren and I'm a 20-something year old that loves to find
the fun in life. One of my passions has always been food. There is
just something about its entertainment quality and ability to bring
people together that is really special. I put a lot of love and care
into everything I make, and wanted to create a blog to showcase that.
I love to entertain, so my blog has tons of fun party recipes and

Go stop by each of their blogs and tell them I said hello!!
I am so excited to have "met" them all and really wish we could all just meet up and hang out!

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