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Sunday, June 29, 2014

3 Years Ago.

As much as I love being in this place and sharing with the few readers I have, I realize more and more each day that this is a place for me. A place to share where I am right now, the moods I am in, whats going on in my life, my relationships, mainly so one day I can look back. This will always be here. 

This weekend, 3 years ago, something happened that I know changed my life for the better. I met Andy. 

It was a tractor pull with new friends, a few(or too many) drinks, a two-step lesson, followed by a Facebook message a few days later. Who would have thought that a tag-along like me would have met someone like you? 

So tonight, and pretty much always, I am thankful for you, Andy. Thankful for a chance meeting, thankful for tractor pulls, Texas country music, and new friends.

Life is better since Andy is in it. He is the calm to my crazy, the planner to my "i don't know", one of the best men I have ever known, and a friend that I never knew I could have. He knows when to hug me, when to give me space, and when to push into that space and make me a better person. He forgives me when I mess up, laughs at (with) me when I have a moment, is always down for dancing. He likes to go as much as I do, constantly ready for a road trip, and makes me smile every single day.

Andy has also made my faith stronger each and every day, his relationship with the Lord makes me want mine to be better and better. The good Lord knew what he was doing when he put Andy in my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love him and the person he has made me. I know now how relationships should be.

I usually try not to get too sappy on here, and only God knows our future, but I couldn't be more blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life. I can only smile thinking about it. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Working on the Weekend

Lately, I have been getting to head closer home to be with my family, and boy am I loving it! My sweet mama is starting a floral design business and I absolutely love helping her with all aspects. I am really into the promoting of her and her business. The really cool thing about all the flowers used in the wedding pictured below, is that for the most part, the flowers were foraged from local gardens, homes, etc. My mother is creating a flower farm essentially and we can't wait to see it grow! Right now she has some smaller beds but she is expanding constantly and I am so excited about seeing what this could turn into. So enjoy this beautiful landscape in the next few pictures. These are just iPhone quality, so I cannot wait to see the real thing! 

Check out Designs by Ginny on Facebook and follow a beautiful flower story on Instagram.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I'm Still Here... I Promise

I don't know why I can't get a handle on all this go-go-go stuff. I love it, that's for sure, but I just need to be better about scheduling what free time I do have, and not crashing on the couch to watch trashy television. I need some ideas about what keeps you other bloggers going, how do you get so much done, while still working a full time job? I am wanting to put more effort into this space, to make it something bigger, but it is HARD. 
photo from Aunt Debbie's birthday party. good times.

I won't think about that today... I'll think about it tomorrow. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Life is Good Today

Just dropping in to share a little tid-bit, I posted the below recently on Instagram and wanted to make sure it was here to so that I can remember these moments. Also, I just love this print above. The more I think about it, the more I just want this space to be filled with things and moments I love, to share items and experiences with the few of you that read this space. I want to be more regular about it, but life gets in the way, and that is okay. My house is practically empty, I am doing a really big sale, and VBS is this week. So I am busy, and busy makes me happy. See ya'll on the flip side. 

So often I hear people say that "yoga" isn't really working out. That it is "just stretching". Part of this is true. Yoga isn't working out. It's working to accept the body you were given, to take care of it, to push yourself beyond your believed limits at times and accept just where you are at others. Yoga has given me the body I never knew I could have. Yes, I have flaws, but who doesn't? Never in a million years would I have ever had the confidence to post a full out picture of myself in a swimsuit, but I did it. I hope to just be able to touch one person, to make them think twice about decisions that could affect their health, and to encourage them to try yoga like Kamala-Anandi encouraged me just over a year ago. This journey just keeps getting better and better and I am so excited to share it all with you! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Beach time!

I'm headed out for vacay! Follow me on twitter and Instagram to keep up! 

Happy weekend everyone! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Juice Loves

So far my juicing adventures have been kinda few, I pretty much mix up whatever I have in my fridge, not really planning it out. I have come up with a couple of different ones that have been my favorites so far, so I figured I would share. These juices seem to fill me up, satisfy my sweet tooth, and can even be subbed for a meal. I would love to hear any of your ideas on which combinations are great!

kale: low in calories, has zero fat, vitamin packed, anti-inflamatory, and high in calcium
celery: anti-inflammatory, great for recovery after working out, lowers stress hormones
apples: high in anti-oxidants, can help to lower blood sugar, and add a great taste to the juice
ginger: improves absorption, helps with nausea, can also help with cramps
cucumber: excellent source of silica helps with construction of tissues, high in vitamin C
carrots: lots of Vitamin A, can decrease cancer risk, flushes out toxins, improving hair, skin, & nails
strawberries: high in antioxidants, helps to boost your immune system, great for your vision and eyes
pineapple: helps with intestinal issues, can also reduce water build-up in the body
celery: anti-inflammatory, great for recovery after working out, lowers stress hormones
mint: natural decongestant, calms digestive issues

These are just two of my favorite juice recipes that I have come up with so far, and I look forward to sharing more in the future! They are so bright and pretty and you can't help but love drinking them. I have found that I can't consume too much at once, especially the one that contains pineapple, as it makes my stomach ache a little, probably all the sugar. But I usually make enough to freeze for later too. 

Let me know if you make any of these! Tag me in your pictures on Instagram and be sure to follow me @saramontanasays.

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Be blessed!
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