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Friday, August 31, 2012

The past few days...

I have learned, loved, been annoyed, listened, recited, remembered, and been thankful. I have been mad, been sad, and gotten upset. I have had sleepless nights, and days of waiting and praying.
Being born first in a family has caused me to put a larger amount of pressure on myself, to be the responsible one, the one that knows the answers or the one not embarrassed to ask the questions.

I have learned that there is good in many people, and absolutely none in others. That trust is something that is earned, that you can't change anyone no matter how hard you try. I have learned that patience is something I am working on, that you will do most anything for those you love.
Life is hard, it throws you things you are not expecting, but never more than you can handle, never more than what you can learn. 

The past few days have taught me a lot, and sometimes that's the best way for a situation to end.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

23 years ago.

23 years ago today, God gave me a best friend. 

So here is to you Audrey...
My sister, one of the best friends this girl could ask for.
Happy Birthday! 
You mean so much to me and I am so thankful to have you in my life.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Excuse my rudeness...

I have been lacking lately.
Work has been extremely busy and I'm actually typing this on my phone. Get ready for a great wrap up next week and be looking for brand new pictures up on my Etsy shop.
So ready to be back with all my bloggy friends!

Cheers to the weekend!!

What do yall do when you fall behind blogging? I hate missing multiple days in a row!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gettin a little western...

I LOVE all things western. And some of you may not know, but I went to college in Texas on an Equestrian scholarship. I have loved horses my entire life and up until just recently I had spent my weekends at various horse shows or other events related to horses. Now that I must work on Saturday's, it is something I have had to get away from, but I hope that horses come back into my life real soon.
Until then, I have pinned a few things I am obsessed with that are horse, western, or cowboy related.

Source: google.com via Jay on Pinterest

Source: flickr.com via Montana on Pinterest

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

its the small things...

This weekend was a full one, but one where I got to stay at home at least.
It was full of small things, but the BEST things.

At work Friday (and Thursday) we made homemade peach ice cream. It was beyond amazing.

Friday night, I cooked some lasagna, made a salad, and enjoyed watching Andy wrestled with my bottle of wine. And he really did wrestle.

We both spent literally 20 minutes trying to get it open. But in the end, Andy persevered.
And I got my wine.

Saturday was spent with my sweet friend, Kelsey.
We spent the day with the rest of her vet school class at the coolest pond. It had a trampoline, zip lines, and giant diving boards. It was so much fun to spend some time in the sun with a good friend.

Saturday night, Andy and I ate at a friends house for dinner. They cooked a HUGE amount of ribs and more homemade ice cream.

Sunday morning was spent at church followed by eating Mexican, being lazy, finding the worlds smallest carrots, and cooking for HA's parents. We even made more homemade ice cream.

So you might notice from this post, that I LOVE ICE CREAM.
Seriously. I am addicted.
So here is the super easy recipe, it is so much better than store-bought and really simple.

Easy Ice Cream

2 1/2 cups sugar
2 cans evaporated milk
1 Tbls vanilla
1/2 gallon milk

Now just puree your fruit (I used strawberries and peaches), add the fruit, sugar, evaporated milk, and vanilla to your mixer. Fill to "fill line" with milk.

I made this recipe in a large mixer, the one that you fill with ice on the sides. Churn until the mixer stops on its own. This makes soft-serve like ice cream. You can freeze in the freezer to get it to be more like store-bought, I don't wait that long. I just jump in.

NOTE: I used non-fat evaporated milk, and 1% milk and it turned out great. Some may turn there nose up at this, and say GO FULL FAT. However, I try to cut it back where I can, and I seriously couldn't tell the difference.

What was super fun about your weekend??


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Monday, August 20, 2012

Gotta Get Em!

I am loving boots, wine openers, and dresses on this Monday.
What a combo eh??

These boots are amazing, each pair is different and I love that they take something new and have re-vamped it!

I am in desperate, I mean desperate need of a new wine opener. This one fits the bill.

The Wine Enthusiast Electric Blue Corkscrew.Opens in a new window

Once again, more boots. I love the metallic sheen on these and the square toe is my favorite!
i have to have these... seriously

This super cute shirt dress has the best print, and I can wear it to work now, and in the fall with tights and boots.
Xhilaration® Juniors Sleeveless Shirt Dress - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window

I need something bird print, and this scarf is great! Lightweight so I don't feel like I am choking myself.

So this is what I am loving this Monday!
Are any of these items on your list?


stay tuned for tomorrow's post, I am celebrating the small things... like getting 50 followers via GFC!
This excites me so much!! So thankful for you all!!

Oh yeah, I changed my blog email to keep bloggy things more organized.
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Friday, August 17, 2012

I have a question.

Most of the time I just carry on and on about myself, my boring exciting life, and my stuff.
But not today. 
Today I need your help. I have a question for all you bloggers.

What kind of camera do you use?

I am thinking about saving up to purchase a new one, and I just have no idea what I need.
I would like to use it for pictures on my blog and to take quality pictures of my make-up bags and clutches.

Being fairly new to the blogging world, I was hoping I could get some suggestions.
As of now, I just use a Sony Cybershot. 
I have had it since college and it has been through a lot. 

Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 
Please remember, I am not a crazy rich person. I am just getting started.

Thanks for your time on this Happy Friday.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful today for many things. 
Here is a short list. 

  • My growing Faith. Mainly in my religion but also in people, relationships, and God's GREAT timing.
Source: tumblr.com via Montana on Pinterest
  • The small opportunities I have received lately. I am very excited about something that happened yesterday, but do not want to share too soon.
  • The beautiful weather we have been having lately. I LOVE the summer, and everyone else wants it to be over, but not me. I feel like it just started.
  • The sweet, helpful, and always precious conversations I have had lately with my Mama. She always knows exactly what I need to hear  to say. 
  • And this might seem very small, but I am thankful for today at work. We have planned to make homemade peach ice cream and I AM SO EXCITED.
So there you have it folks. A small amount of THANKFULNESS on this lovely Thursday.

On to another topic, 
I am getting this tonight.

Yep! That's right. Chipper Bobblehead.
Super EXCITED about the Braves game with HA and friends tonight.
Beer and Baseball. 
Can't get much better than that!

What are you thankful for this Thursday? Any big plans tonight?


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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting- Lime Edition

I have a slight fascination with Margarita's.
I'm not sure if it's the lime, the salt, or the tequila. (who am I kidding?? it's the tequila)
anyway, here are some pretty summer drinks that I would love to try out.

What's your favorite summer drink?


Oh yeah, I am new to this tweet tweet thing.
Follow me to help me out!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

i jumped in...

I just decided to jump in.
I already have an abundance of social media.

let's just add another.
follow me on twitter.

 I will follow you back.

Plus, if you have any tips for a first time tweeterer (that's not a word, I am sure), leave them in the comment section below. Right now I am beyond confused.
Thanks ahead of time.


Monday, August 13, 2012

here goes nothing...

I am gonna start a little thing on my blog today.
Enter MUST-HAVE Monday's.
Eventually I might try to turn this into a link up, but for now its personal.

Throughout each week I see different things I really want, and although they might not all be in my budget or my ability to get right now, I want some way to keep up with the items I am loving.
So here goes nothing...

Xhilaration® Juniors Peplum Skirt - Red
I tried this one on a couple of weeks ago and kinda loved it, just didn't get it because I wasn't sure what to wear with it. Now I can't stop thinking about it.
Red Peplum Skirt
EOS Lemon Drop Lip Balm Sphere with SPF 15.Opens in a new window

If you haven't already tried this lip balm, DO IT NOW! It is amazing, I haven't gotten this exact flavor so its on my list for sure.
EOS Lemon Drop Lip Balm

I have an obsession with button-up shirts and this one is no different. LOVE IT!
Old Navy Polka-Dot Chambray Button-Up

These are on my fall wish-list for sure! I can already think of all the super cute outfits to pair them with, plus they are TOMS, so you know they are comfortable.
Chesnut Suede Women's Desert Wedges

This dress is perfect! I just found this cute boutique in Athens, and they sell everything online too! I can't wait to get my first item!
Swept Up in Love Maxi Dress

So there you have it folks. My first edition.
Come back next week for more of my MUST-HAVE'S.
Come back tomorrow too. That would be nice of you.

Happy Monday Dearies!

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