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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

my very first outfit post...

So this is probably my one and only outfit post.
Sure, I would love to do more, but where do I take the pictures? Who takes them for me? I just don't know how you all do it. I am actually a little jealous.

So here I am in my BRAND NEW romper from TJ Maxx. (I'm a Maxxinista, if you didn't know).
I had to wear a sweatshirt (Old Navy) over it because the only way to bowl is to picture yourself in an igloo.
Classy Socks:
I want you to also notice my socks. (These were bought right before this picture at WallyWorld,  because I forgot socks.) I also have this weird habit where I refuse to wear matching socks. I can't do it. I feel like it ruins my day.
Sexy Shoes:
These are courtesy of the bowling alley. I almost took them with me.

This is my outfit post. I am really not normally this attractive.
Please do not get used to it.

I actually really wish I could do more, for real, outfit posts. I just don't know about who takes those pictures?
Do all of you have significant others that take those pics for you? Should I get a camera with a self-timer?
Help a sister out.


Oh... and one more thing.
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Pretty Please??

Ok. For real, I am done pimping my stuff.


Stesha said...

you are so cute! i love it!


Just Another Shopaholic said...

Such a cute outfit!!

New follower!

smk053078 said...

You are too cute! My husband takes my pictures for me. But I know a lot of fashion bloggers take their own with a timer. Good luck! Hope to see more outfits soon. ;)

Lindsay said...

This is too cute! I make my husband take pictures for me, but I don't have a fancy shmancy camera so I rarely post pics!

Holly said...

I have a trusty little tripod and it does the trick just fine :) It is actually super fun to take photos and find new locations to take them at.

My-cliffnotes said...

I think the bowling shoes make the outfit.

I've also heard that the overly talented bloggers have their men/women take the pics or use a tripod. All of which is way too hard for me lol


Anonymous said...

Wanted to stop by and say thank you for linking up for blogworking wed! I hope you met some great new bloggers!

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit!! :) How cute is your blog?!? I am totally crushing on it. LOL

Happy to be your newest GFC follower. If you have a moment and would like to, you can visit me here The Things We Find Inside

Chris said...

I tried to take pictures with my self timer and it was a hot mess... as in I was so nervous that I was hot and sweaty. My husband takes my pictures, but I still feel pretty awkward!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I think the shoes make the outfit. no doubt bowling shoes are hot snot.

Head to Toe Chic said...

I love the romper :) My husband and sister take my pictures. I've heard of a lot of people using a tripod and a remote to take pictures though. You should do more outfits posts!


Girl Lilikoi said...

U look cute dear, love the romper! My husband normally help me take my outfit photos heheh. And I edit it with instagram. Following u now on bloglovin dear. Have a great weekend!


Montana said...

Thanks! You are too sweet!

Montana said...

Thank you!

Montana said...

Good to know!
I really like clothes, just have to get this all figured out!

Montana said...

I don't have a fancy camera either... not sure about investing in one, or even what kind to get.

Montana said...

I will have to try that. What kind of camera do you use?

Montana said...

I thought so too. I just don't know when I would find the time.
It is too early when I get up for anyone to take my pics.

Montana said...

Thanks for stopping by!!
and for hosting!

Montana said...

Thank you maam!!
Def gonna visit you and follow along!

Montana said...

I will have to work on that!
What kind of camera do you have?

Montana said...

Thanks!! I love the romper too, it is so comfortable and easy!
I am def considering doing more, just got to figure it all out!
What kind of camera do you use?

Montana said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! and for following!!
visiting your blog now!

Amanda said...

I am a new follower from blog working wednesday I would love a follow back at http://lefthandedideas.com.

Makaila said...

I want to win it!! that blue floral one is my FAVORITE!

Holly said...

I have a sony cyber-shot 16.1 mega pixels.

Katie said...

what a cute outfit - love the sweater over it!! and I use a tripod and timer - I would still be embarrassed to make someone stand there and take my picture. : )

Alyssa said...

Super cute! I remember my first outfit post! I seriously felt so awkward posing and was worried that people were watching me! I'm lucky and have a husband who is willing to take my pictures. Hope you are having an awesome weekend!

Nicholl Vincent said...

haha your outfit is adorable! but i know it's a long process to get the pics..trust me haha

Have a great week ahead! Stop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello!

Emily Meyers said...

Hey lady!! I just found your cute blog via the hop, and I'm your newest follower! I'd also love to invite you to check out a fabulous Triple Giveaway I'm having right now!!

Hope to see you there! And thanks so much!


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