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Sunday, April 28, 2013


shorts: hand-me-downs // shirt: GoFish // boots: BCBG 

I am loving the mix of long-sleeves and shorts this time of year and this shirt is perfect for an evening out when you want to be comfortable yet still show a trendier side. This top has also been seen here, and I believe it is best worn with a more fitted bottom, both of my cases have been gray, but I think the red would also look great with black leggings or regular blue jeans. 

excuse my waving hand.
What a weekend! It is Sunday night as I write this and my heart is full with the activities of the weekend. Friday was spent with friends at dinner and out and about in downtown Athens. Although it was a late night for this "old" lady, I had the best of time talking, laughing, and having a few drinks with some pretty fun people. It was Twilight weekend in Athens, and for those of you outside of Georgia, that is a bike race that zooms around downtown once a year. It draws huge crowds to the area and it is so fun every year. Saturday, I worked the morning then went to a small festival in my town that showcases local talent with my sister. We had the most amazing ice cream cone and then headed home for a short afternoon rest. Saturday night Andy and I loaded up the SPP truck and headed to a tractor pull for the night. It ran pretty late, but we sold lots of shirts and hats and it was a successful evening all around. Today was spent in church, followed by dinner with Andy's family and then the rain forced us inside for the afternoon and I seriously took the best nap of my life. All in all it was a fun filled, but restful weekend that left me refreshed and ready for the week. What were you all up to this weekend? Later Gators, Montana

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Friday, April 26, 2013

High Five for Casual Friday!

 jeans: LEI (old) // button-up: Charlotte Russe // shoes: Toms
(excuse the baggy knees)

Thank goodness it is Friday. I am unbelievably excited for this weekend and I can't wait for it to start. Tonight is Twilight in Athens, and we are meeting up with a group of friends to watch the bicycles whiz by! Tomorrow of course includes working in the AM followed by strawberry picking and then rednecking it up at the tractor pull. Sunday will hopefully include some sunshine and laziness, praying the rain will hold off. 
Now on to this super casual outfit... my job includes lifting feed bags, talking to farmers, and I always feel dusty no matter how much I am in the office, this shirt and jeans are perfect for when I want to feel slightly trendy, yet still appropriate for my casual workplace. A button up is the perfect item and I wear them on the daily. What are you looking forward to this weekend? Later Gators, Montana

Oh yeah, I did a headstand last night at yoga class. I am a future yogi for sure and I wish there were more classes that I could attend. I really feel like I have found my exercise of choice. Yes there will still be running for cardio, but yoga is my new love. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday Returns!

jeans: Old Navy // sweatshirt: Forever21 // shoes: old Esprit

It is the return of Thankful Thursday and I couldn't be more blessed this week, so I will just jump right in. 1. Thankful that Granny's surgery went well and she is back home. 2. Thankful for the sweet girls who I spend my Tuesday evenings with, Bible study opened my eyes this week and I am feeling very loved. 3. Being busy at work this morning. 4. These pink shoes that always seem to make my day better. 5. A fun-filled weekend with the people that I love. 5. Blogging, I am learning more about myself and my style each day, and pushing myself to keep up the outfit photos. Later Gators, Montana

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Are you ready for some BASEBALL??

shoes and jeans: Kohls // tank and cardigan: Old Navy // clutch: made by me 

Most days I have a little trouble finding a casual outfit that is appropriate for my workplace while still being trendy. I have found that the basic tee, cardigan, jeans, flats usually work best; but lately I have been trying to work these items into outfits that I could wear to other places. This is something that I could wear out on the weekends during the day to watch a game at a bar, or throw on a pair of sneaker wedges (see below) and it would be perfect for a Braves game one afternoon with Andy. I live in jeans on the daily, but struggle to keep them fresh and new. I love this clutch I threw together last year and cannot wait to get good use out of it soon! I mean seriously, Andy, take this girl to a Braves game already. 
Speaking of sneaker wedges, I have been trying to decide if I should jump on this bandwagon or not. I think they would be super cute, but I am a little worried that they will turn my ankles into cankles. Does anyone have this problem? Can you suggest some of your favorites? Below are my picks. Later Gators, Montana

Wedge Sneaker Wants!!

Wedge Sneaker Wants!! by saramontana featuring sneakers wedges

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Taking Time to Smell the Flowers

 skirt: Kohls // tee, cardigan, shoes: Old Navy

This past weekend seems to be a whirlwind, being sick most of last week caused the time I finally felt better to go even more quickly. It seems to be often that I get caught up in all that I have to do daily and forget to take time to enjoy the little things. The flowers in my yard have been beautiful (as most azaleas are in the south this time of year) and it was just today that I finally took the time to take a photo. This time of year is always some of the busiest for me, but most definitely the part of the year I love the most. I took some time this afternoon to plant a small garden, put some herbs in pots and spend a little time with Audrey. I love these small things and know that we will benefit in the coming months when we get fresh veggies out of our garden. It is afternoons like this one that I am glad I took the time to stop and smell the flowers, and plant a garden. Later Gators, Montana

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and because I love Kohls, and obviously they love me, they are offering readers 10% off with the code BLOG10. This can be combined with other offers. So get to shopping!

Friday, April 19, 2013

it's getting hot in here.

I only recently have found this amazing work out that I truly cannot get enough of! YOGA. Yes, yoga. Yoga has been practiced for almost 5,000 years and close to 11 million Americans are participating and enjoying it's health benefits. I take classes twice a week at my local gym, Uptown Fitness, and have seriously fallen in love with them. I leave each one feeling worked out, stretched out, and my mind at ease. It has become something that I look forward to each Monday and Thursday. On Monday's we have "hot yoga" and let me tell you, it's HOT. There is sweat dropping off of me within minutes and it has been said that you can burn close to 1000 calories during an hour and a half class. I have noticed a definite change in my strength, flexibility, and overall focus just from the 5-6 classes I have attended. The poses have become easier and I have learned more about setting my mind in a place of calm while focusing on breathing correctly through each pose.  Yoga has become the two days of week that I actually look forward to working out. Do you have a class, particular exercise or activity that you just can't get enough of? Lator Gators, Montana

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bag Cravings

jeans: Lauren Conrad // shirt: Old Navy // shoes: Target // bag: thrifted

When it comes to choosing the right bag, I have gotten downright picky. Does it look a certain way? Will it hold all my junk? Can I carry it easily? Do the colors go with a variety of outfits? Is it a bag that will change with the seasons? Seems to me... a bag needs to be all of the above. I have to choose carefully when purchasing a purse because I am someone who carries one for a long amount of time. For the most part, I have one day bag that I use everyday, and then for dressier affairs I will switch it up with a smaller clutch for the evenings. The bag above is one that could go for either. I usually have a much larger bag for everyday, but was craving matchy matchy shoes and baggy for this particular day and here it is. Below are some bags that I am loving for under $50 (which is the absolute most I would ever spend). What do you think about matching shoes and bags? What kind of bag do you use the most? Later Gators, Montana

bag cravings

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Josie's 2013 Senior Prom

A couple of weeks ago my sweet youngest sister attended her senior prom. She couldn't have been more beautiful and I am so glad that she thought to include me in her special day, by getting me to MAKE HER DRESS! Eeek! Seriously, I had never made another garment from start to finish and I have only taught myself to sew less than a year ago. I started with the design in my head last fall, but had been doing little pieces here and there to the actual dress starting in about January. It was a fairly simple design and I sewed a lot of it on top of a pre-existing corset but I am still very proud that I made an actual dress. A dress that she could move and dance in. I personally think she looked gorgeous and I am so happy that she had a great time with her date. I cannot believe she is all grown up and will be graduating in May. Seeing her off to prom brought back lots of memories of my own and being home to share this time with her and the rest of my family is something I will always remember. Later Gators, Montana.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Bad Hair Days.

shoes: Target// jeans: Old Navy// button-up: Target// glasses: Walmart
I don't usually go with a ponytail, but lately  they seem to be happening more frequently. They are the easiest way to get my hair up and off my neck and away from my face without looking like a hot mess by doing my typical messy bun. I think that you can keep it looking classy by teasing your hair on top and giving it some added fullness before pulling it back into a pony.  I have also recently found some clear ponytail holders that I am in love with. It is always super easy to wrap a piece of hair around the pony and pin with a bobby pin. Later Gators, Montana
 and I would love to give a shout out to my blog designer Vanessa at 7Jaded. She was the best to work with. What do you all think about my new blog design? I am for sure in love with it!
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

i wear it everyday

I just can't stop wearing this chambray shirt. I wear it with everything, maxi skirts, colored skinny's, regular jeans. I wear it different ways, buttoned up, undone, tucked in, tied up, belted. I have worn it so much the color is starting to fade and it is getting softer with every wear. 

I know there are peeps that wish I would just stop already. Get over this fashion trend and move on, but I don't see the point. Its comfortable, can be dressed up or down, and just plain cute.

skirt: Old Navy// boots: BCBG// shirt: Kohls// belt and glasses: old

What is your go-to fashion staple? Does yours change with the season?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Celebrating Baby Layton

I have been meaning to share these photos for a good bit now, as baby Layton's birth has already come and gone, however I am just getting around to editing and getting them all uploaded and sorted through.
I have since visited this sweet boy and can honestly say I am super in love with his sweet face and I am so proud of his wonderful parents! I truly cannot wait to watch this boy grow up!
We went with a western theme for this future cowboy and kept the flowers simple and sweet. I am in love with the way that it all turned out.

Baby Layton is loved more each day and I am so happy we had the chance to celebrate him!
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