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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Josie's 2013 Senior Prom

A couple of weeks ago my sweet youngest sister attended her senior prom. She couldn't have been more beautiful and I am so glad that she thought to include me in her special day, by getting me to MAKE HER DRESS! Eeek! Seriously, I had never made another garment from start to finish and I have only taught myself to sew less than a year ago. I started with the design in my head last fall, but had been doing little pieces here and there to the actual dress starting in about January. It was a fairly simple design and I sewed a lot of it on top of a pre-existing corset but I am still very proud that I made an actual dress. A dress that she could move and dance in. I personally think she looked gorgeous and I am so happy that she had a great time with her date. I cannot believe she is all grown up and will be graduating in May. Seeing her off to prom brought back lots of memories of my own and being home to share this time with her and the rest of my family is something I will always remember. Later Gators, Montana.
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