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Monday, April 22, 2013

Taking Time to Smell the Flowers

 skirt: Kohls // tee, cardigan, shoes: Old Navy

This past weekend seems to be a whirlwind, being sick most of last week caused the time I finally felt better to go even more quickly. It seems to be often that I get caught up in all that I have to do daily and forget to take time to enjoy the little things. The flowers in my yard have been beautiful (as most azaleas are in the south this time of year) and it was just today that I finally took the time to take a photo. This time of year is always some of the busiest for me, but most definitely the part of the year I love the most. I took some time this afternoon to plant a small garden, put some herbs in pots and spend a little time with Audrey. I love these small things and know that we will benefit in the coming months when we get fresh veggies out of our garden. It is afternoons like this one that I am glad I took the time to stop and smell the flowers, and plant a garden. Later Gators, Montana

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