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Thursday, June 28, 2012

they take the cake... (Birthday Cake) that is.

As a friend, I kinda have it really easy. 
Starting today 3 of my BEST FRIENDS have their BIRTHDAYS in the next 3 weeks!
This makes it really easy for me to remember and actually buy for, and since none of us actually live close to each other, I just did get all of them in the mail in time. True, one may get theirs a little late, and another a little early, but hey who doesn't like gifts on days other than their BIG day!

I also have it really easy because these 3 girls are pretty much amazing. They have made my life more complete and have taught me so much along the way. 
Here is a little about each and why they are so special to me. (in order of birthdays, of course)

Lacie, sweet sweet Lacie. She is my horse friend, my married friend, my family advice friend. After a brief separation growing up we were re-united in college and I love her oh so much! We have the best conversations and I am such a lucky lady to call her a friend. She is easy to talk to, beautiful inside and out, and pretty darn sweet!
Happy Birthday Lacie!! 

Jessie, loud, fun Jessie. She is my tall friend, my loud friend, my party friend . When I saw her the first day in that mini skirt and bright pink shirt honestly I was a little worried we wouldn't hit it off, but the day we almost died in that little punch bug she drove I knew we would be forever friends. She makes me laugh, makes me want to shake her sometimes, makes me want to scream, but all in all I know she would do anything for me. I can always count on her to have a beer with me to discuss our problems and I wouldn't trade our friendship for anything.
Happy Birthday Jessie!!

Kelsey, caring, thoughtful, Kelsey. This girl should practically be considered family. We have known each other since dance class when our parents both prayed we would be in kindergarten together. She is smart, beautiful, and so motivated. I am so proud of all her accomplishments and envious of how good she is to other people. She has the biggest heart and can show up anyone on the dance floor. I look forward to each of our convos and time together
Happy Birthday Kelsey!!!

Happy Happy Birthday to each one of you, you each have made my life so much better by just being YOU!

Thankful Thursday

I had an idea last night that I think will help me be more grateful. I am easily caught up in my day to day things and decided Thursday each week would be perfect.

So here it is, for the first time, THANKFUL THURSDAY!!

I am thankful to be, I am loved by so many people in so many different ways.
I am thankful to have a job, although I complain about it sometimes, I am very lucky and grateful to be employed.
I am thankful that I got a small vacation last week, it was much needed time spent away from the office.
I am thankful for my sewing machine, I am learning each and everyday new things that I never thought I would be able to do.
and finally,
I am thankful for sunshine this week, it may be hot, but the sun makes me smile.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

So I am a little late posting this weekend wrap-up, but I am new to the blogging world, so I am counting it as acceptable!!

This weekend was fun and very restful for me!! It started Friday with some yummy steaks cooked by yours truly, along with a BIG glass of strawberry wine!! YUM YUM!!

On Saturday (after an amazing lunch at the new Mexican restaurant in town), I got some much needed work done on my newest addition to SaraMontanas, MAKE-UP BAGS!! I am so in love with these and they are great for all kinds of things, from make-up to jewelry! Check them out here!

That afternoon, we went to the Liberty Truck and Tractor Pull (throwback to my ABAC days).
HandyAndy sells t-shirts for his cousins business, Down South Diesel, so we spent the evening watching the tractors and trucks and assessing HA's selling skills. 

I also continuously got the CUTEST pictures from everyone in my family of this sweet little boy, Anderson!! He is my cousin's first and we are all so in love! So jealous that I couldn't be home to meet him with everyone else!! (I mean, c'mon, look at that face!)

I also spent some time with Charlie, the Madison carriage tour horse and found a cat in my fridge. 

Sunday was spent in Sunday School, Church, and Cracker Barrel, all followed by the most amazing nap!!
The all time BEST way to end a weekend!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

... create daily.

I recently found this on Pinterest (yes, yes, I know I am obsessed) and it has got me to thinking.

Everyone always wants to be able to find the things that suit them; the things that make them happy, smile, try harder each day, but by creating yourself you are doing just that.
Creating yourself each and every day lets you figure out YOU.
You get to mess up, you get to fall down, you get to succeed, you get to fail.
Those successes and failures make some days hard and some days easy.
I am working on CREATING myself. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

...back to the real world.

Well, we are back. Back again.
Back from the beach that is. I know that I should be so excited and refreshed, but I still can't help but think my short, long weekend wasn't quite long enough. I had the best time with all of my family and I even got to spend some time with friends that I hadn't seen lately. It just went by too DARN fast! (i'm guessing that's how all vacays are).

We spent tons of time with our toes in the sand, ate some wonderful seafood, and I even got a pretty nice tan. You can also do quite a bit of people watching at the beach, and we sure saw our fair share of "the interesting". There was even a tree that was covered in all kinds of things, maybe a shrine to randoms lost on the beach. We bought some sparklers one night, and even though we couldn't get them to light at the beach, we had a blast with them in the backyard.

The house we stayed in was quite neat as well. It was filled with paintings, sculptures, and all different kinds of art. "Very eclectic", as my sister would say. I actually loved everything about it and felt quite at home.

I am determined to live part of my life on the beach, and having my "short-long" weekend there just
made me even more sure.

Until then, it's back to the real world.
The office and the sewing machine.

Make sure to keep an eye on my Etsy Shop, for new clutches coming this week!

Pinned Image

I have also decided this will be my next handpainted sign.
(I have been inspired)

 I have also decided to do my first Bauble Swap!!
 Much thanks to Shanna @ Because Shanna Said So !! Check her out!!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Today is my first "link up" and hopefully I am doing it right!!

Today I am saying HIGH FIVE for the following things!

THE BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My vacay is finally here and I CANNOT wait to spend some quality time with my family.

 I am currently obsessed with at home body scrubs, I have been making my own since Christmas and since the beach is so close, I have been using them all week! They are super easy and work REALLY well to make your skin extra soft!! Hoping to do a tutorial next week!

 My new bathing suits! I picked them up at Wally World for a measly SIX BUCKS a piece, they are solids and I can't wait to mix them with my other suits to come up with something new!!

 Being over my SICKNESS!! I have had major sinus issues this week, but I am happy to be getting over the feeling awful part of being sick and moving forward! Just in time for the aforementioned VACAY!

and 5.
Clutch Love!!! I gave a clutch I recently made to my cousin, Mallory for her Birthday and last night she texted me to say that she had received a compliment on it and was directing the girl to my Etsy Shop! This makes me super excited and gives me motivation to get some more made!! I love hearing good things about the things I create! (who wouldn't?)

Today I am linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk Blog

(i really like this "linking up" thing, probably gonna do it more often)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Last night I attended my FIRST Braves game of the season!!
I am a recent fan of the Braves (thanks to my Andy), but really enjoy going to the games! I used to watch them with my Papa on the nights I would stay over with him and Granny but had stopped watching until recently. HandyAndy is a HUGE Braves fan and I have grown to like it as well! I love the big crowds all cheering for their team and spending fun times with my friends.

The game last night started off great and we were excited for a win against the YANKEES! :(
We were disappointed by the end of the night however, as we went on to lose the game 6-4. The game did give me some great time to catch up with my friend, Nicole, her bf, and brother. The weather was just perfect for being outside and the rain didn't disrupt the game like we believed it would. I got to wear my UGGLA shirt for the first time and I really got into the game! I even lost my voice again from yelling in excitement!

All in all it was a great night with wonderful friends. I did miss my SUPER FAN boyfriend, but he was enjoying a Cubs game in Chicago!! Next time I'm sure he will be there!!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

... GO! home for the weekend!!

My weekend was a whirlwind of both good and bad!

It started out with missing work on Saturday morning, I had been coming down with a cold on Friday and I'm still in recovery mode.  I finally made it back home to Statesboro and from there my weekend got started.

I attended a wedding for my dad's side of the family and it was great to catch up with everyone!!
I also spent a late night with friends and family on Saturday and had a great time laughing and eating Waffle House at 5am. (crazy right??)
Celebrating at the wedding!! Congrats Travis and Amelia!!

I paid for my late night on Sunday, but got to celebrate my cousin's birthday!! (Happy Birthday Mal!!) We ate some yummy food and great limeade icebox pie!

Later that afternoon I went to Evermore Farm with my sister, she is now showing hunt seat and I could not be prouder!! A storm came while we were there and she got soaking wet, but we still had a wonderful time!

I finished it all up with a long drive back to Madison, and this is where the fun RAN out. I got a flat tire about 45 miles from home and had to be rescued by my wonderful boyfriend (HandyAndy) and his dad!! Thank goodness for him!! (<3)

My weekend was eventful, fun, and stressful but I was happy to spend lots of time with the ones I love!! I am now eager for next weekend when we start our beach trip to SSI!! Can't wait for more good times with my wonderful family!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

...time to get ORGANIZED!!!

I have been inspired...

Last night I decided it was time to clean up my guest/craft/sewing room. It has long been a dumping ground for all of my projects and since I don’t actually have that many visitors the bed area was cluttered with all types of fabrics and sewing materials.


I am very proud of my frugal clean up and use of materials. After work I made a quick stop at the Dollar Tree and found just the right amount of organizational materials for right around 20 BUCKS!!
So exciting!!

I then went straight to work when I got home and spent the remainder of my evening cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing!



FINALLY, SUCCESS!! and all in time to watch Bethenny Ever After…

previously posted on my tumblr

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

...time to get STARTED!!

This blog is going to help me get my ideas out there.
Get them out in the open so that I can realize which dreams I can actually make come true.

Let me take a moment to introduce myself.
I work for a small livestock feed company outside of Athens as a "do anything".
I tend to say this because I really "do anything". My job ranges from helping customers, ordering products, testing corn, keeping up with inventory, and everything in between.

There is little creativity needed in my everyday job and therefore, I decided a small business on etsy would be just the TICKET. I have begun creating clutches and hand-painted signs to sell to anyone and everyone that has shown any interest. 

My favorite girls!!
I love this creative outlet for myself and have decided to start blogging about my many DIY's along with a plethora (big word!!) of other things. I'm also slightly obsessed with clothing and changing things up a bit, so expect to see that too!!

Thanks for reading this little part about me and I look forward to sharing more and more as time passes by.

Guess I better go get started!
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