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Thursday, June 21, 2012

...back to the real world.

Well, we are back. Back again.
Back from the beach that is. I know that I should be so excited and refreshed, but I still can't help but think my short, long weekend wasn't quite long enough. I had the best time with all of my family and I even got to spend some time with friends that I hadn't seen lately. It just went by too DARN fast! (i'm guessing that's how all vacays are).

We spent tons of time with our toes in the sand, ate some wonderful seafood, and I even got a pretty nice tan. You can also do quite a bit of people watching at the beach, and we sure saw our fair share of "the interesting". There was even a tree that was covered in all kinds of things, maybe a shrine to randoms lost on the beach. We bought some sparklers one night, and even though we couldn't get them to light at the beach, we had a blast with them in the backyard.

The house we stayed in was quite neat as well. It was filled with paintings, sculptures, and all different kinds of art. "Very eclectic", as my sister would say. I actually loved everything about it and felt quite at home.

I am determined to live part of my life on the beach, and having my "short-long" weekend there just
made me even more sure.

Until then, it's back to the real world.
The office and the sewing machine.

Make sure to keep an eye on my Etsy Shop, for new clutches coming this week!

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I have also decided this will be my next handpainted sign.
(I have been inspired)

 I have also decided to do my first Bauble Swap!!
 Much thanks to Shanna @ Because Shanna Said So !! Check her out!!


TheTinyHeart said...

Vacations always go by in the blink of an eye! That photo of the sunset is just gorgeous.

The Tiny Heart

Montana said...

So fast!! and Thanks!!
I wish it had shown up better, it was beautiful!!
I got up in time to see it before a morning run!!
So awesome!!

Lindsay said...

Yay for the Bauble Swap!

Montana said...

So excited!!
Love your blog!!

Katie said...

that sounds like a great weekend!! I'd love to be by the beach too! and it's too bad that vacations go so fast!!

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