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Thursday, June 28, 2012

they take the cake... (Birthday Cake) that is.

As a friend, I kinda have it really easy. 
Starting today 3 of my BEST FRIENDS have their BIRTHDAYS in the next 3 weeks!
This makes it really easy for me to remember and actually buy for, and since none of us actually live close to each other, I just did get all of them in the mail in time. True, one may get theirs a little late, and another a little early, but hey who doesn't like gifts on days other than their BIG day!

I also have it really easy because these 3 girls are pretty much amazing. They have made my life more complete and have taught me so much along the way. 
Here is a little about each and why they are so special to me. (in order of birthdays, of course)

Lacie, sweet sweet Lacie. She is my horse friend, my married friend, my family advice friend. After a brief separation growing up we were re-united in college and I love her oh so much! We have the best conversations and I am such a lucky lady to call her a friend. She is easy to talk to, beautiful inside and out, and pretty darn sweet!
Happy Birthday Lacie!! 

Jessie, loud, fun Jessie. She is my tall friend, my loud friend, my party friend . When I saw her the first day in that mini skirt and bright pink shirt honestly I was a little worried we wouldn't hit it off, but the day we almost died in that little punch bug she drove I knew we would be forever friends. She makes me laugh, makes me want to shake her sometimes, makes me want to scream, but all in all I know she would do anything for me. I can always count on her to have a beer with me to discuss our problems and I wouldn't trade our friendship for anything.
Happy Birthday Jessie!!

Kelsey, caring, thoughtful, Kelsey. This girl should practically be considered family. We have known each other since dance class when our parents both prayed we would be in kindergarten together. She is smart, beautiful, and so motivated. I am so proud of all her accomplishments and envious of how good she is to other people. She has the biggest heart and can show up anyone on the dance floor. I look forward to each of our convos and time together
Happy Birthday Kelsey!!!

Happy Happy Birthday to each one of you, you each have made my life so much better by just being YOU!

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Katie said...

cute pictures!! thank goodness for great friends! happy birthday to those girls!

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