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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

... GO! home for the weekend!!

My weekend was a whirlwind of both good and bad!

It started out with missing work on Saturday morning, I had been coming down with a cold on Friday and I'm still in recovery mode.  I finally made it back home to Statesboro and from there my weekend got started.

I attended a wedding for my dad's side of the family and it was great to catch up with everyone!!
I also spent a late night with friends and family on Saturday and had a great time laughing and eating Waffle House at 5am. (crazy right??)
Celebrating at the wedding!! Congrats Travis and Amelia!!

I paid for my late night on Sunday, but got to celebrate my cousin's birthday!! (Happy Birthday Mal!!) We ate some yummy food and great limeade icebox pie!

Later that afternoon I went to Evermore Farm with my sister, she is now showing hunt seat and I could not be prouder!! A storm came while we were there and she got soaking wet, but we still had a wonderful time!

I finished it all up with a long drive back to Madison, and this is where the fun RAN out. I got a flat tire about 45 miles from home and had to be rescued by my wonderful boyfriend (HandyAndy) and his dad!! Thank goodness for him!! (<3)

My weekend was eventful, fun, and stressful but I was happy to spend lots of time with the ones I love!! I am now eager for next weekend when we start our beach trip to SSI!! Can't wait for more good times with my wonderful family!

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