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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday is for thanks

today i am celebrating the little things.

caffeine in the mornings
friends coming back around 
finally getting my hot water heater fixed
a hot shower
being blessed with the best family
etsy conversations with this girl
excitement about new opportunities
seeing my family last weekend
great finds at the thrift store
crock-pot lasagna 
a quiet morning in the office
a desk drawer full of candy
and finally, 
this guy i know that always makes me smile.


I am also thankful for all the new blog friends I have made recently.
And Shanna was one of the firsts! She is always super encouraging and always has the best outfits. 
Plus she is doing a GIVEAWAY! Enter it below and be sure to check out her blog! 
I promise you won't be disappointed by these ladies!

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