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Friday, October 12, 2012

Dear Friday...

I am glad you are here, Friday.
 I am ready for a weekend of corn mazes, weddings, friends and family.

Dear Fellow Bloggers,
I want to be cool and do outfit posts too. I love clothes and mixing it up, but I have got to get this picture thing down pat, until then enjoy my pictures in this mirror.

Dear SaraMontanas customers,
You really rock!! Thanks for all your support lately! BTW, I am trying to get more and more up for Christmas! Need a cute small gift? Give a make-up bag!!

Dear Yummy Crockpot Wednesday,
You make my tummy really happy, and I am pretty happy I don't have to cook when we get back from AWANA; giving me more time to laugh like a hyena while we watch Modern Family.

Dear Sweet Andy,
Thanks for taking me to the fair last night. I am so glad to have crossed another first together off the list! Thanks for not making fun of me while I laugh uncontrollably and try to keep myself from throwing up.

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