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Friday, May 3, 2013


It is the 3rd day of #BlogEveryDayInMay. Join us in the fun!

 un·com·fort·ableadjective causing discomfort or annoyance <an uncomfortable chair>  <an uncomfortable performance>

Here are the times when I am the most uncomfortable. Take it for what it is worth.

When the tv/radio/computer volume is on a weird number (for me weird is any thing other than a multiple of 5, and if it HAS to be in between, it must be 13, 17, etc, because these are what 12.5 and 16.5 round up too. When the person you share a desk area with doesn't speak the entire day. unless you just don't want to talk, then this makes for an amazing day. When someone catches me singing and dancing and doesn't join in. I hate that people don't join in, of course I am going to dance, just be happy and dance with me. People smacking/chewing with their mouth open. It makes me the most uncomfortable because I want  to tell them that they are being rude and can't do so without seeming rude myself, so I usually just sit there in an uncomfortable bubble until they decide they are full. When I don't like my outfit for the day or just don't feel "cute". Days are much easier and smoother when you love your outfit. I always walk with a little more pep in my step when I actually like my clothes or my hair looks especially good.
JUSTFAB.com// Sherona
Speaking of looking cute...
The outfit posts have been lacking this week because I left my camera in Andy's car after the Braves game Monday night, I just got it back today and cannot wait to style these shoes that just came in the mail.
I have been trying them on with all kinds of outfits already, cutoffs, skinny jeans, maxis, mini skirts. I might just wear them everywhere. They are super comfortable and will be put to full use starting this weekend! 
Did any of you decide to jump on the wedge sneaker bandwagon? Later Gators, Montana
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