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Monday, May 13, 2013


dress and necklace (similar): Forever 21 // shoes (similar) : Target 

After this swamped weekend, it feels so good to be figuring out some new ideas for my blog. I am working on being more consistent with my outfit posts while also showing you where you can find items like these. We had a blast at our friend's wedding this weekend, but I was dancing so much that I forgot to take a picture of my outfit. So here is the breakdown. The shoes lasted for a good little bit, but I eventually changed to some sandals to dance the night away. The dress was perfect for this outdoor reception on a spring night. It was also so inexpensive ($15) and easy to mix with pieces I already had. I cannot wait to use it in other ways. 

So to catch up with #BlogEveryDayInMay...
something that I miss... I miss Texas. I miss the days in college when all I had to worry about were my grades, I often wish I hadn't been in such a rush to join the real world. I am happy with many aspects of my life at the moment, but I just think it would have been nice to not be in such a hurry. To enjoy those moments and the people in them, because it is on rare occasion, if ever, that I will get to see them again.

a public apology... I apologize to my readers, for not being consistent in my posting. I am going to be better about it in the future and I realize if I want this blog to grow (and I do) I must be consistent. Make time, treat it like a job, a job that I love.

Thanks for sticking around folks.
Later Gators, Montana

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