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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


jeans: Target // shoes and top: Old Navy // vest: Forever 21-similar // necklace: Charlotte Russe- similar

Today is a catch up day for #BlogEveryDayInMay. I knew this weekend would be a stretch as it was my birthday and I decided to travel home. Blogging isn't usually one of my main priorities while I am there and this weekend was no different. I love taking the time away to really enjoy my family, eat some of mama's home cooking and just relax. 

So for my profession of blogger love I would have to say that I have three. These are always the first blogs I look at, the ones I get inspired from, and the ones I am sure that I would be friends with IRL. First off is Lindsey at A Little Bit of Life. I first was introduced to her through a jewelry swap and this was one of the first things I participated in in the blog world. I loved how nice she was automatically and I am sure that if we lived closer we would meet up weekly for drinks and talking. Next would have to be Shanna at Because Shanna Says So. I remember the first time I read her blog. I just knew she was someone I would like. Plus she is from Texas and can rock hard to some Texas Country. I love the her positive outlook on her blog and I am inspired by her great attitude, amazing fashion sense, and recent winnings with Wallis,. She works so hard on her blog and I find myself hoping that I can be as devoted to my little space on the web as much as she is to hers. And last,but certainly not least, Katie at For Lauren and Lauren. I always know that I can turn to her for  a daily dose of encouragement. Her story is so amazing and I am so happy that her and her husband are finally getting to welcome a sweet baby girl into this world. Katie is going to be the best mother!

If I didn't have my job, I am not sure how I would answer that question. I think that is a question that I am working on figuring out at this time in my life. I guess my answer for now would be, I am a temporary. Not a temp in the way that I work for an agency, but a temp in the way that my ideas are temporary at the moment. I am fleeting from one to another until I find something that just fits, something that makes me utterly and completely happy. 

And finally, the things I am most afraid of...
being a "temp" forever, not finding my niche, losing my loved ones without them knowing what they mean to me, not finishing things on my ever growing bucket list, roaches.

Well I might as well include Wednesday's post today too.
My biggest piece of advice for everyone was is and will always be the same. "You only have one life. Live it to the fullest. Do all the things you want to do, even the ones you only wish you could." 

I know this has been all over the place but I hope you all followed along and learned a little more about me. I think that is the best part about this challenge, learning more about others and more about yourself.
 Later Gators, Montana

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