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Friday, June 21, 2013

High Five for Friday

Heck yes! That's how I am starting this post, you see that pic above? That's me, doing my first ever headstand all by myself. My intense yoga schedule is paying off and I was so excited when Allie snagged this picture of me! I know I have been a little MIA this week, but I plan on starting back fresh after the weekend. Good things are coming peeps. Good things. 

Here's my 5 things for Friday to get me TO the weekend!

Uno+ Headstands, they have worked my core to the bone this week, cannot wait for each and every class. 
Dos+ Weekends, I live for that day and a half to get my sun on, spend time with Andy, and fill every moment with something wonderful.
Tres+ The fact that Instagram now has videos. Believe me, this might not be great for my followers, but I am sure it will keep me entertained, plus you now actually get to see what SaraMontana Says... <get it?>
Quatro+ (I just had to count all the way out loud to get to quatro, thanks for nothing Ms Blanchard) This quote and my garden. It just can't grow quickly enough. But I have a pepper now, hooray!
Cinco+ And finally all my inspiration for my new room, yeah you heard me right, I am moving, to a new house with a new room so I am taking this time to re-do it all, sell a few things, and clean out some closets!


Stesha said...

I want to do head stands, maybe I should practice yoga a little more!


Allie said...

You have a beautiful handstand! I am proud of you,
Your yoga Teacher.

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