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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

dirt road hippie

shoes: Kohls // dress and sunnies: Walmart // bandana and bracelets: gifted 

Outfits like this make me smile, they make me want to jump up and down and feel dirt between my toes. They make me want to dance outside at night (or just anytime really). They are comfortable and cute. A little hippie dippie and a little country girl. 

As you know from before, this dirt road is my most favorite place in the world I think. I have to take a few pictures here every time I venture home. It represents so much to me. It's where we used to ride horses when I was younger, laughing and yelling, getting lessons on the perfect sliding stop. It's where I ran as fast as I could, when my younger sister fell and broke her arm. It's where Mama and I walked many mornings, determined to get in better shape but laughing and learning so much about each other along the way. It has our favorite Y tree, or used to. It's where I got to drive the tractor with my Papa, it's where we used to draw in the dirt with sticks. It's where we used to drive when it was just to early to go in, it has heard happy times and sad times, fighting and loving. It's as far as I got the first time I ever "ran" away.  It's where my sisters and I grew up, the place that will always lead to what we call home.

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