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Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Adventures in your own town!

While I am off sitting on a sandy beach somewhere I asked someone to stand in for me... I am so excited to introduce Jess, she has the cutest blog, great style, and is planning the wedding of her dreams! Make sure to stop by and say hello. See y'all back next week and I will drink one (or two) for you!!

Hey ya'll...I'm Jess and I blog over at City Sequins!  I am really excited to be blogging for Montana today while she's off on vacation!!!

Since it is now officially summer, I love filling my time off with some exciting adventures...but I am planning my wedding this year so I have had to be more creative with things to do on a budget.  Here are some of the things that I do to keep me busy!

BBQ Game Night

Recruit a few friends and come up with some fun game ideas for a Game Night.  If everyone brings a different dish and outdoor game over then it keeps costs down for the whole group.  Then break up into teams and let the games begin!!  Make sure to have a fun prize - like new beer mugs or beach towels!!

Beach Picnic
This may seem like a simple idea, but it is a great way to have some inexpensive fun!  If you aren't near the beach the check out your local lake.  A lot of beaches also have grills that you can use to cook up some burgers and hot dogs!  Don't forget the yummy drinks and the sunscreen :) 

Explore your own Town

The town I live in has a ton of different groups and activities to get involved in.  Do some research to see what is around you that you didn't even know about! 

- Intramural Sports Leagues:   You can join a team or put together your own and participate in weekly games against other people in your area.  Here in Greenville, SC there is kickball, basketball, cornhole, volleyball and a ton of other teams to join! 

- MeetUp.com:  This website is for people to meet new friends and get involved n new activities.  There are groups all over the country and have activities that range from wine drinking, hiking, bar crawls, running and probably anything else you can think of.  It might seem weird to meet with people that you find online...but who am I kidding...we're bloggers! 

-  Facebook & Event Pages:  My town has a Facebook page that lists all of the events and deals that are going on every single day of the week.  I bet some of your towns do too!  There are a ton of things happening that you probably don't even know about.

Plan a Weekend Stay-cation
This will cost a bit more but can be saved for one special weekend of the summer.  Get on Groupon or LivingSocial and find out what hotels in your area or within a few hours are running deals.  Then have a "weekend away" either with some friends or your significant other.  Have a night out and splurge!  It will keep you from going crazy all summer without taking an expensive vacation!

What things do you guys like to do at home during the hot summer months??  Stop over and say hi to me at City Sequins!

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