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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

life in the present moment


To say I might be obsessed is an understatement, my recent yoga classes have taken me over. Body, mind, and spirit. I am so happy to have found Allie, my instructor, as she guides me through this new journey of figuring out the lengths to which I am able to push myself. 

It is going to be hard for me to describe what my recent feelings about this new found love are, but I am going to try. Even before classes begin I am eager to get going, to feel the stretches, and to find that small spot between too much and not enough. As I enter class, I get to see the new familiar faces that I have come to know so much better, new friends, new yogis. And when we begin, I truly find myself only focusing on the present moment. The moment that I am in. It seems so easy during yoga to let go of the bothers in my head, to focus, and to find myself easing my mind of the days worries. I work harder each day to push myself a little more, to bend a little deeper through the forward folds, to hold a headstand for just a few seconds longer, to push through a shoulder stand, and just to grow with each class. When the class itself ends and we ready ourselves for shavansa, it is then that I find a greater inner peace. I am working on closing off my mind more at that point, to focus on my breath, and to find that spot where your mind is solely on the moment, but that is where I struggle. And when we are finished, I leave with a great relaxing feeling covering my body. I feel worked out but relaxed. Truth be told there are some moments during the class that I get jacked up, I want to dance to the music and I find myself tapping my toes to the sounds coming from the radio, I love these moments too, but it is the relaxation at the end that I feel most comforting.

I can also feel my body changing from the classes I am taking, my arm strength has improved tremendously and I feel my core tightening, while I am also becoming more aware of the way that my body pushes through the poses. I make mental notes to not cheat myself out of the moment, to make the most of each move, and to remember that in order to grow in my practices I must push myself daily. 

All in all, I feel so thankful for these random hours during the day. The ones that I always come out of feeling relaxed, more fit, and with a clearer mind for the rest of the day. Have any of you tried yoga? Does a certain type of exercise fit your personality more? I feel so thankful to have found something that I truly enjoy doing.



oh yeah, if you are ever in the area or currently live in Madison and have been thinking about trying a yoga class, be sure to contact Allie through her website. She is seriously the best.

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