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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I mentioned briefly before that I had expressed an interest in styling, mainly styling your already existing closet. I have always been a girl on a strict budget and love to find new ways to wear lots of my old items. Sometimes all it takes is another eye looking through your clothing to help you spice up your wardrobe. I have decided to start off small, and only offer these services locally, but have hopes to one day expand into offering online styling session. 
**Remember, if you would like for me to create a look book for you online I am also a KeatonRow Stylist and you can visit my personal site by visiting here

Project Style Pricing
Each session will include a set of questions beforehand to determine your own personal style needs, wants, and budget. If we plan on going shopping, I will also do research on the places that we can get the best deals in your area before we head out, this includes searching for coupons, sales, etc.

Revamp Your Closet- This type of session includes going through your closet on a one on one basis in your home. We will talk about fit, go through items that you no longer use, and come up with brand new outfits from clothing pieces you already have. After the session, you can expect collages of outfits based on our discussions and pictures of each collage will be emailed to you.
     $40 for the first hour
     $20 for each additional hour

Personal Shopper- Have you ever needed someone with you while shopping? Someone to bounce ideas off of, get new ideas from, and just to get the right size while you are already in the dressing room? That’s where I come in. I will help you pick items right for your body type, decide on a personal style, and just help you shop!
     $40 for the first hour
     $20 for each additional hour

Complete Wardrobe Rehaul- Think you need both of the above services? Let’s start at your house and get your closet in order, then we will head off to pre-determined stores to get our shop on! This will enable me to get the best idea of what you already have in your closet so that we can make the best use of your ENTIRE wardrobe, not just the new items. You can also expect pictures and collages of the outfits that work best for you to be emailed to you afterwards.
     This would usually take more than an afternoon, so let’s give it a 4 hour minimum.
     $95 for the first 4 hours
     $20 for each additional hour

*Think you need something a little different than what is listed above? Let me know and I can tailor a session to meet your specific needs.

I would love to work with anyone and each individual session can be tailored to your own personal needs. Please remember prices may change depending on the amount of travel involved. Still have more questions? Are you interested? Message me at saramontanasays{@}gmail dot com. 

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