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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

ladies of the day...

This month I am so excited to have some lovely swappers and I thought I would give them the chance to introduce themselves! Please go and say hello and follow them all. They will make you laugh, make you cry, inspire you and everything in between!
Tell them I sent you!!

I'm Brandi and my blog is "Whisks Away"! I'm new to blogging, so I'm still trying to figure it all out, but right now I blog about my life, post pictures, a recipe or two, and (mostly) my dog, Ahab. You can read about him here and you can get to know me more here. I love doing swaps, so if you're interested, you can check that out here!
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Hello my fellow twat Waffles over here at SaraMontana Says or in the south we would say "sa-yuz". I am Dusty and I pop my squat over at Girls Love Fried Pickles. Yes, another southern delicacy fried up hot only to make your mouth water or if you eat too many then the poops. I prefer my pickles round, but if you want the spears it'll do. 
I am thrilled to be here today. Sara is one of my home girls. Do southern women have home girls? I don't know maybe in parts of the hood or woods. We have southern belles but I am not much on manners. I would rather go line dancing or busta move with a good stripper shake even though I would stink at stripping. I am pretty talented when it comes cutting a rug at a good honky tonk.
Aside from me being two seconds away from starring in America's Got Talent. I have this little lifestyle blog. My blog has only one condition. No Rules! You are subject to me talking about how I think thongs should be illegal and my hemorrhoids being the dangling death of me. You can click the links and see what I am talking about if you don't believe me. I dare ya. I also give the best advice on men because I am such an expert at 40 years old.
Besides the fact that I am full of useless knowledge, you will probably, well, hopefully get a laugh or two. And if you don't, pretend. You know us southern girls just love pretending with our big hair, fake smiles, and bless your hearts. So, come on over and squat with me, but just remember I don't really squat. We are real girls here, we go to the bathroom in pairs and not outside. I don't need critters all up in my glitter.


Until then, here's my zip code.....Girls Love Fried Pickles. Love ya (imagine me blowing kisses and pageant waving!)

Hey, I'm Amy! Owner and author of Love & Hot Chocolate - a lifestyle blog of life, love, and everything in between. I mainly write about life with my awesome fiance, our two cats, our families and our travels. I'm a graphic designer trying to find her place in the world, but I am starting a new adventure which you'll be sure to see on the blog. I look forward to meeting you, and thanks Montana for featuring me here on your beautiful blog! :) xoxo

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 Hey loves! I'm Stormy from Life's A Dance!
I'm a twenty something Wisco girl born & bred. 
I'm also a newlywed (09.15.12), a nurse, a blogger, and 
momma to two sassy furbabies. I love country music, cappuccino,
 margaritas, sunshine, diy crafting, family and my husband :) 
Come on over and visit! I'd love to meet you! 

Make sure you said hello to them all!
I am so lucky to have met them in this blog world.

If you are looking to swap, I would love to have you next month! It is completely FREE!!
Just email me for the code!
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