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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

games, a stabbing, and a BEAUTIFUL mantle.

Here is a little bit of random for your Wednesday.
I promise to be back to Crockpot Wednesday next week, I haven't used one until today for a little bit. But expect a full report and a recipe next week. Can't wait til then?? Check out these for now.

I cannot, I REPEAT, cannot stop playing Bejeweled on my phone. It is seriously a problem. Who knew that matching up different colors could be so fun. I try everything I can to just play the occasional game every now and then, but once I start I. MUST. PLAY. MORE. Does anyone else have this issue??

I finally ordered something different at the Mexican restaurant the other night. For anyone that knows me, I always get a Mini Taco Salad. Every time. I always want to mix it up, and I am pretty good about branching out and trying new foods, but don't mess with my Mexican.
Don't tell anyone, but I ate there 4 times last week. Shhhh...

Last night, while working on a Christmas order. I finally sewed through my finger. That's right. That darn needle on my sewing machine stabbed right through the side of my finger. It bled some, but I think it was more the shock of it than anything. I kinda have been waiting on it to happen. A year and half that I have had my machine, I made it a long time I think.

My Mothers fall mantle, yes, I know Christmas is coming but this was our mantle for Fall and I just can't get enough. Those colors go perfect with the picture and I can't wait to have a house that I love enough to decorate. Renting puts so many limits on your decorating and I really want to paint my entire wood paneled house. Until then, I will have to just lust over my childhood home.

Until next time folks... Have a perfect Wednesday!!
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