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Saturday, December 8, 2012

a little about why...

SaraMontanas started as a way to push me past my comfort zone. a way that i could explore the creativity that i had lost in my current job. it has now become something that i love. i do struggle with the timing of it all, managing a everyday job working 6 days a week, working out(which has seemed to be on the back burner) and being the best girlfriend possible. the shop has been pushed towards the back. and so has this blog. for that i am sorry. i have made a commitment to myself once again this morning to do better. to do more. yes this may mean late nights, this may mean not sleeping as much, or catching up with the tv i rarely watch, but this life is short. this shop is something that i love, something i am passionate about. something that is mine

the basic idea behind this shop and what makes it different, are the materials that i use. everything that once was something else can be turned into something completely different. as of right now about 80% of all my materials are not newly bought. i may find them in someones closet, at the local thrift store, or donated to me because people don't know what to do with their items that they no longer need. 

from these scraps of fabric i create handmade items in my small home in madison, georgia. the sewing machine was a birthday gift from my mother 2 years ago and since then i have taught myself to use it. to sew a somewhat straight line, to put in a zipper, and to keep my fingers from out of the needle. i enjoy this time to myself. i enjoy seeing an item that i complete from start to finish and then putting the work into figuring out how to market and sell that item.

my next goal is to get up a larger inventory and not just have the time to fill custom orders. i want to have a database (you could call it) of clutches, pillows, etc that i can pull from. i want to have enough to set up a booth at a craft fair and try my hand at that. 

in all honesty i am not sure where this is all headed. not sure whether i will succeed or whether this will evolve into something completely different. but right now the best idea is for me to set short term goals and meet those. slowly but surely i will figure it all out. 

i am taking custom orders until this coming Wednesday to ensure delivery by Christmas. 
use the code "bloggybuyer" for 10% off your order from now until Christmas. 
also be sure to check out the sale page of my etsy shop.
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