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Friday, December 28, 2012

here goes nothing... again.

i am just a real girl with a real style. most days i wear jeans. its what my job calls for. i don't have tons of money to spend on brand name clothes but most days i try to look what most people would call "cute". i have decided to expand this blog even more and try to post more outfit pictures. i would like to call my sense of style boho mixed with country, sometimes sparkly and all things in between. 

most days i pull on a pair of jeans and a somewhat nice shirt and head out the door, but i am hoping this style journey will cause me to think twice about my outfits and try more and more to expand what little style variation i have.

loading horse feed at random times sure puts a damper on your outfit choices and i am always up for suggestions on how to switch up my clothing.

cardigan: GapOutlet// dress: TJ Maxx// shoes: Charlotte Russe

well, here goes nothing.  i am always open to advice, ideas, and suggestions on how to spice up my wardrobe. 

much love readers. much love.
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