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Friday, December 7, 2012

decorating my space.

i want to be inspired when i walk into my house everyday. i want it to feel lived in and loved. i want every piece to be something special. right now i seem to be going through the biggest struggle. trying to figure out the things i love, the things i hate, the things i have to have. renting a home is so annoying. i hate the wooden paneling in this little square box of a house and the ugly wooden cabinets are not any better. i want to paint everything, but it wouldn't be something i would get to enjoy. i have the best arrangement, with no lease, no security deposit, so i find even thinking about leaving hard. especially since i am unsure about where this life will take me. unsure if i will stay in this small town much longer. i want my home to reflect who i am. i guess it does, since what i am is a girl who can't commit to a couch, much less a career, a town, or even a hobby. 

i will figure it out. that is my only choice.

these pictures are somewhat what i desire my house to be. a blank canvas for the accessories that i might choose. a blank canvas where i can pick the colors that should be on the throws, art that inspires me, and antiques that make me smile.

do you have trouble decorating? as creative as i am in other areas, this seems to be the biggest area i struggle with. do any of you have any decorating secrets?


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