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Thursday, January 10, 2013

thankful thursday

it has been quite a while since i did a thankful thursday post and it is something that i def need to get back to. i try to think of things every day that i am thankful for. to remember how blessed and lucky i truly am. this place on thursdays should be somewhere that i write it all down. 
i am thankful for:
the sweet sweet man i have in my life. i couldn't be more proud of him lately for starting this business. go here to check out all his great shirts for that special guy in your life, heck even get one for yourself. 
the family i have been so blessed with. yes i talk about them alot but they mean so much to me. seeing them over Christmas reminded me of how close we all are, no matter the circumstances.
the growing faith i have that each and every little thing is gonna be alright. yes, we may go through things, yes they may be tough, but in the end you just make the most of it, learn that life and the Lord only gives you what you can handle.
the food, roof over my head, car to drive, job to go to, shower to bathe in, and all the little things i get so caught up in that i forget to be thankful for. i am so blessed and so grateful to be so fortunate.


1 comment:

Niken said...

thank you for this little reminder. sometimes i just forget how truly blessed iam :)
happy weekend

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