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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

all tucked in.

jeans: levi's// boots: BCBG// shirt: cato// necklace and jacket: "gift"

let me start off by saying, yes Audrey, you left your jacket in my car and i wore it the other night. yes i did. i will give it back to you this weekend. don't get mad at me. sisters borrow things sometimes. 
these past few weeks have been a little cray cray, and i cannot seem to get some things done. i have a never ending list of things to accomplish in the next few months, but right now i am super excited for my best friends baby shower that my mama and i are throwing this weekend! i plan on doing a full on recap on the blog next week.

now about my outfit, i wore this the other night out to the futurity in augusta. it was a fun night out with andy and i got to see 4 sweet friends that i rarely get to spend time with. i went for a color mixing, while keeping it a little western. these boots have become my go to, if you haven't noticed, i wear them with almost everything and i love that they can go towards a variety of styles. this is more of a tunic like shirt, but i didn't like the longer hem with my boot-cut jeans, so i did something i rarely do, tucked it in. it makes my extremely short legs look a little longer, and takes away some volume from around my middle. do you tuck shirts in?

last night i did a deep cleaning out of all my closets and found some clothes that are too big for me anymore, but some that rarely got worn. has anyone ever done a "shop my closet" sale before? i can't decide between just donating it or going through the hassle of trying to sell it. i was also thinking about trying plato's closet. got any suggestions?

this post should have been saved for random wednesdays with Shanna.
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