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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

gettin a little random

jeans: LEVI's// jacket: who knows //boots: Anderson Beans// scarf: CHRISTMAS

its time to get a little random: 
first off, i cant wait for a little Willie Nelson, i got Andy and I tickets as his Christmas present and i am so ready for all the fun that night, yes its during the week, yes i might have a hangover, but i cant wait for it all. second, today has been crazy. inventory, like i said before can do that to a person. third, i made new pillows to get started towards my goal of gathering enough inventory to go to a craft fair last night and i love them. the bright colors make me smile. fourth, i know it seems so soon but i am def thinking i need a blog layout update. this time i will go with something more black and white, so that all the colors in my pics stand out. and finally, my navy shellac nails are just starting to annoy me. hopefully i don't go pulling them off soon.

that was the worst paragraph in history, and i will probably get some email telling me there is incorrect grammar. let me hear it. fine by me, its random Wednesday and i will do what i like.

linking up for what i wore wednesday.


smk053078 said...

Girl, you and me both with the grammar!! I suck at it!! Who cares! LOL!! people get the point! yay for Willie. He is AWESOME!!!! And LOVE that coat!!! Oooooh-la-la! Thanks for linking up!

Cathy said...

It's your blog so you get to do it your way :) Classy coat!


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