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Sunday, January 27, 2013

lady in black

jeans: Target// shirt: Old Navy// shoes: Kohls // jacket and clutch: old

i am starting to learn that when all else fails, just wear black. i threw this outfit on in a total of 5 minutes before getting ready to head out and see seinfeld the other night. it was the best time and i laughed so hard my mouth was sore the next day. 
this was also the first time i asked andy to take pictures of my outfits, and boy do we have a bunch to work on. i laugh because i feel uncomfortable and he hasn't learned what to tell me yet. i am so thankful for him putting up with me. we are working on it and hopefully we will get better at it, because even with some editing these pictures are no bueno. but you all get the idea. sleepy eyes, leaning backwards, and just grinning are not working out so well for me.
any tips ladies that get your guys to take your picture? we need help!


i am also starting to think about redoing my blog. any thoughts??
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