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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a drive, a birthday, a wedding, and a new layout

This weekend was a busy one to say the least. Andy and I headed to my home in Denmark this weekend. 
It was amazing to celebrate with friends and family for both my sweet mama's birthday, and for my friends wedding. 
Here are a few photos to re-cap the weekend.

The beautiful sunset on our way in. Good thing A was driving.

My Mama's Birthday cake. (she is going to kill me for putting this on the interweb)

Just a little camera fun at the birthday party.

Dirt road runs at home on an early morning are the BEST. This one sure didn't let me down.

Since we were over excited with our time planning to get to the wedding, we were able to stop at this cute roadside store. All the preserves, syrups, and South Carolina goodies you could imagine.

This is where the wedding was held, Old Sheldon Church. This was the ruins of a church that was burnt once by the British and then again by the Northern army during the civil war. To say that it was beautiful would be an understatement.

Only picture I snapped of the two of us all dressed up. 

The entry way to where the reception was held. Too beautiful for words.

Sunday, A put up the tin flag he had made for my granny. I think it looks great! 
You can check out all the great things he makes here.

The rest of my Sunday was spent catching up with my family and watching these two goobers do acrobatic tricks on our front porch. My silly, silly sisters.

 It was a beyond wonderful weekend at home, I am always super sad to be back away from my precious family, but look forward to the next time we can all be together again. They make me smile, laugh til it hurts, and just so happy.

Oh... Have you noticed my new layout? I am absolutely in LOVE with it! It was done by a sweet friend, who was a real life friend in college, we lost touch, and then I found her again in the bloggy world.
Cristin does amazing work and was so quick at making my page exactly what I wanted! Go check out her page NOW!
She truly is the best! If you need someone to vamp up your page, contact her. 

Oh yeah, I am participating in a group giveaway HERE.
Go enter now!

And... I am guest posting for Stormy while she is off doing the wedding thang. 

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