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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

an interweb of internet setup

So a little random something happened to me yesterday. Here is a story.
It might bore you.
I have been wanting to get wireless internet set up in my house for a while now, and yesterday it finally happened. That's not the weird part.
A few weeks ago I had called AT&T to get some information about getting set up. I was directed to a sales representative, Kenneth. I made it clear when I got on the phone that I wasn't going to be purchasing the service today. I was mainly calling to get information about when I did decided to purchase. Kenneth was extremely helpful, funny, and very outgoing. He made me laugh, and really had me feeling guilty about not purchasing the service from him. At the end of our conversation, I asked if there was anyway that when I did decide to purchase, would I be able to talk to him? He explained about the thousands of people they have working the phones, and that it would be very unlikely that I would even be directed to the same office again (he was in Utah). I hung up feeling guilty that he wouldn't be credited for the sale.

So yesterday, I finally got around to calling the 800 number again. I pushed a few buttons, letting them know I wanted to purchase service. Low and behold, whose voice did I think I heard on the other line?? I could have swore it was KENNETH! I didn't want to sound like a crazy lady because I felt like it was so impossible to be directed to the exact same person, so I made a joke, "you are gonna give me just as good of deal as the other guy promised me right?" He then asked questions and I finally decided to tell him I was pretty convinced he was the exact same person I had talked to before. Well, he wasn't too convinced at first,  I am sure he talks to hundreds of people a day, and there is no way he would remember me, but once he punched in my information, HE DID! 

We both couldn't believe that I had been directed to the exact same office, let alone the exact same person, I had talked to two weeks earlier. Once again, Kenneth was extremely helpful, funny, and gave me a great deal, all the while us both being in disbelief that we had once again talked. 
Needless to say, this time I purchased the service, and I left our "internet setup date" realizing that no matter how large the world seems, no matter how far away a person might be from you, and all the bad there is in the world, there is a WORLD FULL of good too. 

So, to Kenneth I thank you! I thank you for our random phone encounter, and for the internet service that will soon help me become a better blogger. 

My blog thanks you.

Have any of you ever had a random thing like this happen to you? Is it really that random?
I would love to have ya'lls input!

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