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Monday, July 9, 2012

food, drinks, and shoes.

This weekend was filled with food, drinks, and shoes. 
The end. 

Just kidding, but it really was full of those things. Here is a recap via Instagram.
follow me please @saramontanas
i will follow back.

gift from a co-worker! perfect for a beer festival!

my clutches in Southern Pharmacy! Go check them out!
or on my Etsy page

fried peach pie from a customer. amazing.

new nails and bangles from LINDSEY!
New blog post about these coming soon!

homemade skinny MARGARITA!! yum!

my friend, Brittany made these for a 30th Birthday party Saturday night!
They were so good!! Thanks pinterest!

HA doing some farm work Sunday afternoon. "Haying" the cows.
I am good at watching.

My new cutoffs!! Bleach DIY ombre! Can't wait to wear them!!

and finally... SHOE LOVE!! Got these from Target!
They are perfect!

food, drinks and shoes= a wonderful weekend!
hope ya'lls was just as lovely!!

another link up...
think i am getting the hang of it

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