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Friday, July 6, 2012

fallback Friday

So I have this new computer that I am trying to get set up and I couldn't help but look through a lot of my pictures while I was at it. These pictures make me laugh and smile and cry and lots of other random emotions. They also make me thankful that we have cameras to capture all the silly moments of our lives. The ones that you might forget because they really are not that significant, but the moment you see them you remember exactly everything that was happening.

What did people do without cameras? I have seen older photos and all the people in them were so serious. I know this is probably because times were harder back then, they just didn't smile as much, but it might have also been because they didn't have a camera to capture the funny moments, those little moments its hard to remember. 
Those moments are my favorites.

Enjoy some funnies... 
I know I did.

a new squeeze, meet "jolly green"

 who wouldn't be terrified??
i really miss "mr nubbs"
(he really loved me in this picture, excuse the moo-moo)

this is "lily grace" our bottle-fed calf, she doesn't need us anymore
but she is still just as cute
i went through a "planking" phase.
don't judge me.

he wanted to be a lego man, it didn't quite work out.

we have the best times in the car. 
we look a little crazy.

and here we are years earlier, rocking boots with our tie die.
we are too cute.

and this one is just pure sweetness, and there goes audee with her tie-dyed laces.
gotta love those.

These pics made me giggle tonight, hope they make you at least think I am ridiculous.
I kinda am.

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Erin said...

such special and fun moments, love the pics! :) just somehow stumbled upon your blog, excited to follow along! :)




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