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Friday, March 15, 2013

top'o the morning to ya!

it's Friday yall!! i am so ready for this super fun and packed weekend that i wish it was 5 o'clock already. we are going to have a quiet night in tonight to gear up for the next two days. of course, i have to work tomorrow morning, but after that Andy and I are heading north to go horseback riding. Andy got me a Living Social voucher for Valentines Day and we get to use it this weekend! Saturday night we will be celebrating St. Patrick's and a friend's birthday at a lake house and then SPP is hitting a car show in Atlanta on Sunday. needless to say, we will all be worn out by the time Sunday night rolls around but i love being busy so this weekend is gonna be the best!

now on to my outfit for a night out during St. Patrick's day. if we had plans to go out on the town, i would choose something along these lines before. i love the more neutral looks of the clothing, while giving a pop of color in the jewelry. i am not a huge fan of green all over and i feel like for night time this laid back look works a lot better. you still get a pop of color from the blue, and i love the green and gold like before

St. Patrick's Night out

St. Patrick's Night out by saramontana featuring graphic design tees

what are your crazy plans for the weekend? are you staying busy? Happy St. Patrick's Day to all you Irish out there! Be sure to wear some green!

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ChatterBlossom said...

That is crazy cute!! Love the heels especially!
Have a great weekend!
Your newest follower,

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