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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Back in 2005, i went to my senior prom. Gosh, that seems like long ago. 

I got to searching these pictures because I am in the process of making my youngest sister's prom dress (go ahead and call me crazy). Anyway, here i am below in all my leopard and lion hair glory. I fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it. I was bound and determined to be completely different than anyone else at prom, and lets just say I succeeded. I still love this dress, although I probably would have gone with some different hair and other accessories. I love the print, the fact that its different, and look I even had a high-low hem before it was cool.

prizzom updated
prizzom updated by saramontana featuring pink jewelry
Looking back I wish I had accessorized this dress a little differently. I think I would have went with a more bronze tone to all my accessories and added a pop of crazy color with a bright blue clutch. The minimalist gold jewelry and very gold prommy shoes are definitely not things I would pick again.

As for my hair, long curls would have been a better choice and would have covered those hideous straps.  I think my makeup was pretty neutral and I like it that way. 

All in all, I still love my prom pick just wished I had the ideas then that I have now. 

What did you wear to your prom?

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