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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Feeling: Like an Idiot

Let's talk about the time it rained everyday for about two plus weeks. Let's talk about the time when I was too preoccupied with thinking of other things, like packing, selling my furniture, moving, etc... to roll the windows up in my car. Let's talk about the time I walked outside and my mouth dropped open and I physically couldn't get my top lip to meet my bottom. 

I am officially going nuts. I left my windows down in my car last night when we got about an inch of rain. I mean it was pouring down. I even made comments to Andy about how much it was raining. And did I think about it raining in my poor, poor Edna? No. H.E.C.K. NO! 
Here's hoping my Thursday get's better. I will not let a soaking wet car get to me. I am looking at this as a positive thing. Edna got that much needed bath that I have been putting off for weeks, plus she is getting detailed as we (or I) speak. Today I will have a very clean car when it is all said and done. 
Crazy girl out.

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