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Thursday, February 7, 2013


my mind wanders continuously these days, from one idea to another. my problem has never been a lack of ideas, its more about finding one that i am truly passionate about and sticking with it. i wouldn't say that i am lazy, i just haven't found "my thing" yet. i don't struggle in the day to day, but it is the bigger picture that i have trouble with. i want to find that one thing that i am passionate about, the one thing that i cannot wait to get up and do each and every day. i want to find one thing that makes me excited, generates more and more ideas, and gives me happiness every time i think about it. 
this might sound awful, but i am so jealous of those people that know. the ones that have careers that they love, or love raising their family. i hate the word jealousy. but the truth is, that what i am. i am working to combat that today and now more than ever. 

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Makaila said...

Mmmmmmm. Girl, I get this. Big time. I finally had embrace what I am good at and learn to love that.. And I found some passion there... But true passion, I'm still waiting for that. :)

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