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Thursday, February 21, 2013


- a little ticked that my nails are chipping. i just painted them the other night. this makes me want to run out and get a "real" manicure. does anyone have tips for making your nail color last longer? help a sister out.
- wishing i was still in the bed. i certainly did not want to get up this morning. 
-loving the new ring my bestie bought me. we had some good catch up time over mexican food the other night and i am missing her already.
-ready for another weekend to be here. i enjoyed my time last weekend with Andy and can't wait to see what this one brings. (other than NASCAR)
-laughing my head off at this throwback Thursday photo. yes, i used to get dressed up randomly and go to the grocery store. yes, i did this for no reason. don't judge me now.

linking up with Julia for Throwback Thursday.
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