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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Crock-Pot Wednesday

it's back and back with a vengeance   the following are crock-pot recipes that i have tried recently and didn't take the time to post about. i have followed them with a short review about each (good and bad).

3 Packet Pot Roast
this was awful, extremely peppery. i think that it would have been much better had i added a good deal more water, but in the end Millie (Andy's dog) got most of it. i was so disappointed because although roast isn't super expensive, i did feel like it was a waste of money afterwards. 
lowdown: if i decide to make...add more water next time. 

Amanda's Crock-pot Lasagna
this was SO GOOD. and so EASY.  I used hamburger meat, because Andy is not a fan of spicy food, and it turned out perfect. I would say, make sure you drain any meat that you use beforehand, because it can tend to be a little greasy if you don't.
lowdown: this will be made again.

Creamy Crock-Pot Spaghetti
I used ground beef instead of turkey and it turned out delicious. I also cut the recipe in half and used a smaller pot. It worked out great but I should have cooked it a shorter amount of time. I wasn't able to make it home at lunch so the noodles were a little soft by the time I got off work, but the cream cheese makes it so perfect and a little different from your typical spaghetti and tomato sauce.
lowdown: will make again, but probably just cook for half the time.

and on the menu for tomorrow...
Crock-Pot Hamburger Soup
stay tuned for a review.
do any of you have Crock-Pot recipes that you would like to share? This "label" has been my most popular and I would love to include different recipes and perspectives. I am thinking about turning this into a weekly link-up. Would y'all be willing to link up with me? Honest answers please!
Oh yes... btw... I am thinking about doing a giveaway the end of the month... if any of you are interested in giving away an item I would love to hear from you! It would also include a swap for the next month! 
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