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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Catching up.

It is safe to say I have been literally all over the place the past few months. I mean literally all over the place. Let me get you back up to speed and try again to make this a place that I love coming to.

- I got a promotion. A promotion that came with the cost of losing a really good friend/work buddy, who moved on to another state, but I am so excited about this position and everything that comes with it. 

- It keeps me busy, not just a little busy like I was before, but all out busy. Working all during the week, plus livestock shows, horse shows or other events on the weekends. Life has changed in these parts, but definitely for the better.

- Yoga has taken a backseat. Yes, I said it. My teacher training has come to a grinding halt. I couldn't do it all. It takes a lot for me to say it, but it is true. I am working on my own practice and try to get to local classes as often as possible. I miss it if I am being honest. I am trying to find the best life balance right now, and it is a struggle but something that I am happy to have to struggle for. I hope to pick it up again one day when I can fit it in too, but for now I am happy improving on my own and finding myself in between the madness.

- Eating vegan is no longer something I am striving for. Yes, it did a lot of good for me. Yes, I might try it again for short periods of time to jump start clean eating or just to re-boot, but I still stand firm on my belief of there is nothing wrong with a little meat now and then. There is also nothing wrong with not eating meat. Choices are what make this life interesting and eating as a strict vegan (which only lasted a short time) made me feel awful about myself when I slipped up with my eating or had a glass of wine. I didn't like the guilt that I was feeling towards food and felt myself slipping back into scary habits and thoughts. I still am trying to eat healthy foods mainly during the week and even mostly vegetarian during the week, but the weekends are not going to be restricted. Not large quantities but just not over-thinking every little bite.

- My family and Andy have been so patient with my adjusting. I know that things have been different and I have been MIA lately, but their understanding means the world to me. I know that eventually I will have a better feel for all of my work and my time commitments, this is just the jumping in part. 

All in all, I really couldn't be happier. I am happiest when I am busy. I love my job, the people that I work with and for, and the new people I am meeting every day. I am so blessed to have this opportunity and I can't wait to see where it takes me.

If you are reading this... thanks for not leaving me. I promise to be better. (or at least try)


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