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Monday, January 6, 2014

One weekend down...

Well it is over. 
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The first weekend of my vegan eating that is. I ate great, and although I have had a slight headache for the past two days I am feeling great! I have slept like a rock the past few nights, and with all this cold weather moving in it just has been super hard to get out of the bed in the mornings. 

I went to my first official "adventure club only" class on Sunday. I enjoyed all that we learned, but feel like I still might slightly stick out like a sore thumb. I make jokes when I get nervous and I am not afraid to talk to strangers, but these people don't know my personality so they might just think I am awkward and weird. Regardless, I did well with the calling of the salutations and my timing was pretty spot on. I am excited to get more comfortable with the others in the class and understand their personalities. I still feel like a fish out of water around these people that have complete 180* different views than I, but I still hope to find more out about them and the way that they think.

The further I go in this, I hope to share easy recipes that can be eaten by both vegans and non-vegans with just little tweaks. Last night we had an easy stir-fry and while everyone else had chicken added to theirs, I enjoyed only vegetables. I think the hardest part of my diet will be figuring out what I can and can't have, and although it takes some time to figure out what to eat, I have yet to feel hungry at all. 

Hopefully I will share my "charting" with you this upcoming week along with the books I am reading and movies I must watch. I am anxious about the views they have towards animals, agriculture, and the way of life I have always known, but know that media can portray most anything, and I will always trust my own instinct. 

Hope all you had a wonderful weekend. Stay warm tonight! 
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