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About Me

Hi there!
So glad you decided to stop by!

If it is looking a little bare around here, go find me on instagram. I love that platform and with my crazy life I usually find much more time to post over there.

I am a 20 something year young girl living, working, creating, and now spreading my yogini wings in Georgia.
Yes, my name is Montana. Spelled just like the state, no that's not what I am named after.

This blog is a place for me to put it all out there, a place to put my thoughts, likes, dislikes, loves, feelings, ideas. A place to just get things out of my head and into the air. I am currently just trying to figure out my place in this VERY BIG world.

Here I will discuss my love of clothing, figuring out my ever-changing personal style, fitting my petite figure, doing it all on a major budget, and most recently finding my love of exercise through yoga, healthy eating.

Expect to hear about my love of trashy Bravo TV, recent obsession with the Braves, and crazy stories about my everyday life. I am a extra busy lady and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love to laugh, dance for no reason, and make sure to tell the good Lord thank you everyday for my many blessings. I am working towards living a more mindful life and healthy life (you can read more about my past eating habits here.) Being present in each and every moment and encouraging others to do the same.

You can find me most days working, yogaing, spending time with my bf, cooking up a healthy meal, or traveling as much as possible. I am also a new lover of hand-lettering. Learning and sharing the quotes that inspire me each and everyday.

Have a question? Always ask. I am happy to answer. 

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