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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Other bloggers I love

On those days when I can't find the inspiration to write, to share, or just need some time to read, I have a select few bloggers that I just can't get enough of. Figured if I loved them, my readers would too. If you can't tell I am lacking the inspiration for this space lately. 

OhDearDrea is my source of constant plant-based inspiration, my love of color and the outdoors is always fulfilled when reading the words and seeing the pictures that fill her little space on the internet. She is witty and brave, putting it all out there and I just can't get enough of her pages. Oh and that cute little girl of hers is to die for, she is writing a cookbook and you better believe I will be getting my hands on it.

Because Shanna Said So is my source for all things fashion, she was the very first blogger I started following and introduced me to some pretty awesome other blogs. Her style is impeccable, her work ethic amazing, and her spirit infectious. 

Delightfully Tacky fuels my love of essential oils, home decor, and fashion. Her posts are well written and thought out, always full of beautiful photos that make the beach gal in me want to pick up and move to the Pacific Northwest. I love her style, her big hair, and her that puppy of hers is super cute.

Traveling Triplets make me want to travel the world, their adventures from all over plus the endless number of tips they give about traveling with others, traveling on a budget and making the most out of vacations just make me so excited. I plan on using these tips the more I get to travel in the future. 

Who are some of your favorite bloggers? Who do you always click through to find every day? Please share!
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