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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

to create is to live

peach recipes to follow

After a weekend full of fun and sun, I came home to a box full of peaches. Peaches, I had bought last week for such a great deal and just couldn't pass up. As I stood in the kitchen, carefully peeling each one, slicing them into pieces and putting them into the freezer or to make jam, this thought ran across my mind. I like to create. I like to make things, from peach preserves to sewing a pillow, creating is where my heart lies most days. But in one way or another, don't we all just want to create? Create a better life for those that we have around us, create more things that bring us or our friends/family joy. Create this little space on the internet that we can call ours. Creativity is much more than being artsy or making something with your hands, its making anything that you can call your own. I want to create a better life for myself, one that is full of the things and people I enjoy, and I want to help those around me be there best creative selves. I am striving each day to make creative choices, ones that might seem different to those on the outside but are just right for me. I am hoping that the creativity in me inspires someone, either in my everyday life or here on the internet. Peaches... who knew they could spark such a thought? 

This is the second of my early morning posts, and I am starting to get the hang of it. So blessed to wake up each day to pour my heart out onto these pages. ooo, Montana

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