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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

worn with love

jeans: Target//shirt: Kohls//jacket: Mama's// shoes: Toms

this picture taking thing is really helping me, although these were only shot with my iphone. looking at yourself on a camera is completely different from looking in the mirror. you can tell what works on your body and what doesn't. 
this past weekend i got to spend a sunday on tybee island. we(my mama, sister, and i) just went for the afternoon. we had a perfect windy walk on the beach and it takes days like that one to put things into perspective. i feel the best when i am on the beach, im not sure if its the calmness of the water, the sunshine, or the sand in my toms but it sure makes me happy. i will compare it to riding horses, thats another one of my calm places. i need one of these in my life stat, and i am in the process of figuring one of them out.
now lets talk about this jacket, it was my mothers. corduroy lined in plaid, and worn in with love. i wore it alot in high school and i am looking forward to working it more into my wardrobe in the future too. yes its a little worn, but i sure love the memories. just knowing it was my mamas makes it that much more special.
do you have any items that you wear even though they might look a little worn in? 


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